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3 Body Sprays to Stay Silky Soft This Summer

Glow All Summer with These Body Sprays

If you’ve never been introduced to a body spray or spray on dry oil – you can get ready to thank us! You’ve not lived until you’ve used a botanically-based body spray  or spray on dry oil!  Especially, after a day in the hot sun!

At the end of a long crazy, summer day, take 15 minutes for a home spa session and grab your body spray or dry oil spray!

A Home Spa Session

If you’re a crazy busy mom and time is limited, hop in the shower and find your fav body wash or body scrub and wash the day away!  If you have extra time, draw a bath and chill out for a few.  Once you’re all done – grab your body spray.

Mist your body and then lightly massage the surface of your skin to marry the spray into your skin.  Your skin will feel incredible.  If you’re a little sun kissed, you’ll see your skin glow like never before!

Maybe you relax with a glass of wine after, this part is totally optional.  If not wine, maybe tea. Your call.

3 Body Sprays We Love

Body Serum – Immunicologie

Light to the touch but deeply moisturizing.  Body Serum is a dry oil intended for full-body application leaves your skin silky smooth, radiant, and restored. Apply by spraying directly onto the skin and lightly massaging until absorbed. For best absorption, use directly after bathing. This will leave your skin silky smooth. It’s going to hydrate and nourish dull, lackluster skin.  You’ll love this when you use after sun exposure.  It’s made from Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) Seed Oil, Desert Date (Balanites Roxburghii) Seed Oil and Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Leaf Extract.

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Rose Camellia Plum Soft-Water Mist – Red Flower

Not everyone wants an oil body spray. If you want to join in the Home Spa Session, but want a non-oil based body mist we recommend the Rose Camellia Plum from Red Flower. Mist over the face and body whenever the skin feels dehydrated and dull. Inspired by the steam filled air of the bathhouse, this soft-water mist helps the skin to breathe by keeping pores toned, bringing deep hydration and replenishment. Plum wine helps to anti-oxidize and reveal a fresh layer of skin, while soft-water, sweet-smelling camellia, rose and plum blossoms provide the pleasure of dewy fresh skin. high in vitamins a, c and e these blossoms help keep skin fresh and glowing.

Daily Repair Body Mist – Shankara

Another delicious non-oil body spray is the The Daily Repair Body Mist.  This botanical spray will repair daily damage to the skin .  It’s has never been easier than with a moisturizing body spray that is designed to naturally renew, calm, nourish, hydrate, and protect. The nutrient-rich spray is full of antioxidants and is designed to naturally support skin renewal and rejuvenation.

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