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The 2022 L+A Favs

Award Winning Skincare!

The 2022 Best Skin Care, Intimate Care, Devices, and Industry Go-To Favorites Are In!

We chose 3 Editor’s Favs in each category, and we left it up to our Community to pick their Fav! 

Fav Virtual Esthetician Platform

Coralai – Community Fav

Pomp + Tammira – Editor’s Choice

Fav Way To Infuse

Rezenerate – Community Fav

NanoStamp 360 + EpiPin – Editor’s Choice

Fav Skin Care + Device Combination

Hale & Hush + Rezenerate – Community Fav

Dermstart + MedSpa Distributors  |  M.A.D Skincare + DermaJEM – Editor’s Choice

Fav Skin Analysis

Coralai – Community Fav

Visia by Canfiled Scientific + Pear 3D Editor’s Choice

Fav ATP Stimulating Tool

Celluma iPRO – Community Fav

ZAQ Facial Rejuvenation Tool + Julie Lindh Beauty Wand – Editor’s Choice

Fav Post Peel / Needle Here

Celluma – Community Fav

Maskād Professional Post Procedure Mask + FACTORFIVE Post Treatment Kit –  Editor’s Choice

Fav LED Light Therapy Device

Celluma – Community Fav

LightStim + Dermalux – Editor’s Choice

Fav Microcurrent

Jeunesse – MedSpa Distributors – Community Fav

Anima Adagio from DermaJEM  + NeurotriS – Editor’s Choice

Fav Product + Hand Held Tool Combo

Hale & Hush + ZAQ EMS Community Fav

Julie Lindh Beauty Wand + Circadia Vitamin C Reversal Serum  |  Ainhoa White Jade Roller + Anti-Aging Serum – Editor’s Choice

Fav Home Care Tool

Celluma – Community Fav

bdr Beauty Ice Dice + Self Heating Healing Herbal Compress from Immunocologie – Editor’s Choice

Fav Skin Care Education

Professional Skincare Training – Community Fav

LearnSkin + DMK – Editor’s Choice

Fav Product Launch in 2022

Herbal Skin Solutions  [Cacao Seed Softening Enzyme Mask] – Community Fav

Ilike [Quad Defense] + Shira [Nutri-Burst Collection] – Editor’s Choice

Fav Red Carpet Ready Facial

Germaine De Capuccini TimeXpert Lift – Community Fav

Illustrious Facial – Christina + 50 Beauty Stars Facial – Silhouet-Tone – Editor’s Choice

Fav Clinical Facial

Audia’s Brightening / Anti-Aging Facial – Community Fav

Circadia’s C-Peptide + DMK Enzyme Therapy – Editor’s Choice

Fav Enzyme to Clear Off Skin

Audia’s Pro Enzyme System – Community Fav

Dawn Lorraine’s Lemon Pumpkin Peel + BiON”s Pomegranate Paypaya Enzyme – Editor’s Choice

Fav Home Care Mask 

Immunocologie’s Vital Clay Mask – Community Fav

BlueSkys Beauty’s Green Love Treatment + SESHA Calming Sheet Mask – Editor’s Choice

Fav Acne Corrector

Nature Pure’s Acne Blemish Treatment Gel  – Community Fav

Artemis’s Plason + Mark Lees Clogged Combination Kit – Editor’s Choice

Fav Cleanser

Hale & Hush Quiet Wash – Community Fav

Dawn Lorraine Fresh Citrus Cleansing Gel + Immunocologie’s Cleansing Lotion – Editor’s Choice

Fav Retino/al

A TIE!!!!

Lira Clinical’s Pro Retinal Treatmet + M.A.D Skincare’s Youth Transformation Retinol Serum – Community Fav

Germaine De Capuccini – Anihoa Phyto Retin+ – Editor’s Choice

Fav Brightening Serum

M.A.D Skincare’s Fade Gel 6 – Community Fav

E.F Tropics Illuminating Collection + Christina Illustrious Serum – Editor’s Choice

Fav Age Management Serum

Hale & Hush Rare Retinal Serum – Community Fav

FACTORFIVE’S Anti-Aging Cream + Nature Pure’s Stem Cell Youthful Tissue Rejuvenator – Editor’s Choice


TiZO Ultra Zinc Tinted – Community Fav

Dawn Lorraine Dawn To Dusk Moisture Tint SPF 30 + BiON Tinted Mineral SPF 35- Editor’s Choice

Fav Body Contouring Accessory

SculptICE Detox & Burn Supplements – Community Fav

Fajas – Shapewear + DermaJEM Presso Therapy – Editor’s Choice

Fav Body Sculpting Machine 

DermaJEM Curva – Community Fav

SESHA MuscleSculpt + Spavaro’s Icoone – Editor’s Choice

Fav Tools For Vajacials 

Prana Spaceuticals Bikini Brite – Community Fav

Bryght’s 4 Step Treatment + NuFREE’s Hair Removal Sysem – Editor’s Choice

Fav Way To Combat Aches & Pains

MedSpa Distributors CBD MD Line – Community Fav

KM Herbals Sports Massage Lotion + Mata Balm – Editor’s Choice

Fav Way To Nourish the Skin on Your Whole Body

KM Herbals Fresh Hope Lotion – Community Fav

Ouli’s Ointment + Oil Divine Hair Growh Oil, Nail Fungas Treatment + Lip Oil – Editor’s Choice

Fav Stretch Mark Treatment 

SilcSkin Decollete Pads – Community Fav

SESHA MesoBotanica Treatment + NewMark Beatuy ProCell Treatment – Editor’s Choice

Fav Supplement 

SculptICE Lipo Drops – Community Fav

Abeytu Naturals CV Well Immunity Booster + Grande Gummies Vegan Collagen Booster Gummy – Editor’s Choice

Fav Cellulite Savior

SculptICE Anti-Cellulite Gels – Community Fav

KM Herbals Anti-Cellulite Stimulating Gel + Nature Pure Lipo Melt – Editor’s Choice

Fav Brow + Lash Treatment 

Elleebana’s Profusion Kit – Community Fav

Alisa Marie Brow Lamination + Brow Code’s Stain – Editor’s Choice

Fav Makeup Must Have

Advanced Mineral Makeup’s Pressed Foundation – Community Fav

Luka Cosmetics Hide & Heal Camoulage Foundation + Colore Me Perfect Custom Blend Foundation – Editor’s Choice

Fav Beauty Treatment 

Rezenerate Lip Plumping Treatment  – Community Fav

Breeze Custom Spray Tan + Elleebana Profusion Kit – Editor’s Choice

Fav Hard Wax 

Emerald Gold from WU Aesthetics – Community Fav

NaturaVerde Pro’s Gold Flex Hard Wax + Bombshell Wax’s Simpli Zen Wax – Editor’s Choice

Fav Specialty Wax

Nufree / Finipil’s Soy Wax Alternative – Community Fav

Salon Sugar + Beauty Image Madagascar Vegan Eco-Friendly Wax – Editor’s Choice

Fav Pre/Post Wax

RESTORE WU Aesthetics – Community Fav

Finipil + Bombshell Wax’s Pinky Winky Oil – Editor’s Choice

Fav Source For Furniture

Silhouet-Tone – Community Fav

California Skincare Supply + Spavaro – Editor’s Choice

Fav Brand Instagram

A TIE!!!!!!!

DermaJEM + Circaida – Community Fav

Bryght – Editor’s Choice

Fav Way To Accentuate A Treatment 

Essence Rings – Community Fav

Breatherapy Tabs + SKN H2O – Editor’s Choice

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