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19 Tips For Survival and Success In This Crisis

Taz’s Tips For Survival and Success In This Crisis

By Tazeem Jamal

Taz Jamal is Your Spa Biz Coach and a member of the Lipgloss + Aftershave’s Biz Wiz Directory.  Taz offers coaching services to spas and estheticians.  She’s a published author for Lipgloss + Aftershave, Skin INC and Dermascope.  

HOW You React, Will Ultimately Affect How You Recover 

Does it feel like someone just released the fire hose in your face?

Yes, I think we all feel like we might be in an alternate reality, BUT this is very real! This global pandemic, which is shifting by the hour, has turned our normal lives into chaos! Nobody could have ever predicted anything like this, but it’s happening.

Maybe we cannot control the outcome but we can control our response to it.

Know that there will be bumps in the road, lessons to learn and a necessary shift in your MINDSET will need to transpire for the new chapter ahead. I promise you, you are not alone. We will get through it together!!

I truly believe HOW we react, will ultimately affect how we recover. (read that again!)

Here are my thoughts & some strategies to help you navigate through the storm & come out the other side still standing

 19 Tips To Get You + Your Business Through This Crisis

1. Inhale Gratitude Exhale Fear

When we are grateful our perspective is different. Yes this is truly a devastating time for all of us on the planet, but just knows there are other people that are way worse off than you are. Count your blessings.

2. STOP The Fear!

Many esties understand the power of energy work. We need to turn to these modalities to keep our energy in high vibration. Our energy will not only impact our attitudes and our health but those of us around us, including our friends, our loved ones and our clients. When we have faith (not necessarily of the religious kind) fear will struggle to exist!

3. Reduce Panic and Emotion

Take time to meditate even one minute of quiet reflection will help you get back on track. Take deep belly breaths to shift your thoughts, stay as calm as possible, especially in public. Choose your words wisely because our spoken words carry energy.

4. Do Things That Feed Your Soul

Journal, colour, nap, garden, exercise, cook, play games. Do anything that can help you stay at peace, level-headed and connected to the people you care about. We as humans need connection but the social distancing which is necessary right now is allowing us to experience a different type of connection, self-reflection.

5. Support Local

As much as possible where stores are open, shop local, small businesses will likely struggle a lot more and their reserves and contingencies are significantly less. Many stores are even offering free delivery; every dollar will make a difference.

6. Be A Resource

Continue to be a resource of education & inSPAration for your clients.

7. Use Your Time Wisely

As most of us have more time than anything else, use it wisely. What have you been putting off in your business that you haven’t been doing efficiently? As a business coach I see a huge gap in our industry particularly in the area of consistent marketing.

8. Be Visible On Social Media

Create a Strategic Written Plan Social Media Plan. You might want to consider posting daily, I know it sounds like a lot but it’s something you have control over. You are also more likely to get noticed by your clients. This will keep you “top of mind with your clients. It is best to choose to share positivity, funny, educational and messages of hope for your clients including local developments that are happening in your communities.

9. Plan your Marketing Calendar 3 to 6 Months Out

You will need to do some very special promotions to gain your clients back. What we provide is not an essential service, but a necessity for their mental & physical wellbeing. Coming back into the spas, will give them the well-deserved opportunity to get the relaxation they will so desperately need.

Remember vacations and big ticket spending may be a ways into the future for most, but a quick escape to the spa is a reward they can afford. You will have to get creative with your promotions, giving those incentives & inviting them back.

10. Send Email Campaigns

Send regular short emails to keep your clients informed of the decisions about your business; your business hours, your business practices and your promotions.


11. Offer On-line Consultations

You can use Facebook Video chat, Skype or Zoom, depending on the nature of the consultation. If you’re doing a full consultation, I would recommend that you charge a fee, enough to cover your time, but not too high, so you can encourage the clients to use the service you’re providing, then offer to ship product.

12. Try To Make Timely Decisions

Don’t make decisions in haste. However, don’t avoid making decisions. Hesitations can delay the inevitable, just know that whatever decisions you make today, will impact your business in the future, and so choose wisely.

13. Know That This Too Shall Pass

Yes, we will be dealing with a brand new way of life, when we return to our business, but how you handle it and what mindset you choose, will give you a chance to be on the leading edge of the curve.

14. Times May Be Scary

As a small business we have to adjust, but I urge you to be kind, it’s the ultimate human trait, and if displayed will deeply impact future business in the most positive way! If mandatory shut down has not happened, then allow clients an opportunity to cancel appointments with no penalty. Be gracious and tell them you understand, if you have this attitude they will no doubt rebook with you this is how you deep in the relationship with your clients.

15. Get Some Education

Listen to meditations to help you stay in high vibration. Read those books you’ve been waiting to dig into, take the opportunity to learn new things, there is lots of FREE education, and I’m excited to share that I will be hosting a couple of free webinars please check out my group for more details.

16. Practice Socially Distant

Practice the highest standards in hygiene and social distancing. As humans our need for contact with others is necessary, but right now we need to refrain from it.

17. Be Mindful With Your Resources

Be proactive with your lenders, landlords & suppliers. It’s always better to have that hard conversation ahead of time, rather than when you are in a crunch. I often say to my coaching clients, it’s always better to “operate from a place of InSPAration than desperation!” Even when you are back on your feet, be mindful how you spend and on what you spend. Make sure you do a cost benefit analysis on your purchases.

18. Enjoy The Unexpected Time Off

Spend time with your loved ones! Enjoy your homes, get the exercise and the rest, heal and prepare, as you will need to be 100% ready to jump back into your business with passion and excitement, when you’re able to do so.

19. Keep A Solid Mindset

Make sure that you keep your mindset in the right place; know that money is truly a renewable resource!! I want you to know that our many experts in our industry here to help you get through this time I invite you to join my Facebook Group where you can get more details of FREE webinars that I will be hosting in the next couple of weeks.  Now is the time for us our time to show up with a servant heart, with compassion, with generosity and with peace of mind!


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