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10 Mins To Save Mom’s Sanity

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After a particularly long day of conference calls, photoshoots, Facebook live videos, brand strategy planning and who remembers what else, I looked at Jenni and was like, “I’m dead, I can’t wait to vedge on the sofa all night.”  She looked at me as if she wanted to shoot me in the head and said, “EXPLETIVE you! I have an hour drive home and then need to chase a 4 year old around all night long, entertain him, give him a bath and then get him to go to bed; I’m lucky if I get 10 minutes to myself.”

Ok Moms!  We get it!  After a day of working in or out of the house, an evening of cooking for the family, helping with school work, or just trying to keep the kids from killing themselves or each other, there’s about 10 minutes all for you.  Wow – 10 whole minutes when you may actually be able to go to the bathroom by yourself or just take a shower!

We’ve got you covered!

10 Minutes Of Me Time For Mom

Ok, how does taking literally 10 minutes for yourself at the end of the day work?  Like, Jenni used a stopwatch and timed herself and this is real. Here’s how it goes.

3 Minute Shower

It’s a marathon shower at the end of the day to wash off that makeup, and clean the residue of the day off of your body and soul.  I thought 3 minutes was crazy short, but Jenni swears that’s a luxurious amount of time for a mom shower!

dmSkincare Soothe and Restore Oil1 Minute – Soothe & Restore

Before you dry off from the shower, use one pump of dmskincare’s Soothe & Restore Lavender and Eucalyptus body oil.  Don’t worry, it won’t leave you gross and oily.  The small amount will go over your whole body and absorb into your skin.  Your skin will feel amazing and the bonus – you’ll get some relaxation from that yummy Lavender.

2 Minute – Dry Off & Comb Your Hair (if you even washed it)

2 Minute – Night Time Skin Care Routine

shir-gold-rose-gold-satin-serumYou need to be sure and give your skin some love before bed!  If you do ONE thing before hitting the pillow, treat your skin to some organic hydration.

Shira Shir-Gold Rose Gold Satin Serum A deep drink of hydration. The pearly pink serum’s silky texture brings comfort to the most dehydrated skin. This serum protects and totally rehydrates for a skin full of vitality. This unique formulation helps the skin maintain optimal hydration levels and restores the flexibility of the epidermis. Thus, the skin is perfectly moisturized and recovers its original beauty.

MYSKINBUDDY MOTHERS DAY LIPGLOSS AFTERSHAVEFor maximum product penetration, apply product with an amazing device that will help product to penetrate. MYSKINBUDDY is a revolutionary facial device that utilizes four proven technologies to help you achieve a clearer complexion, brighter and even skin tone, and a more youthful appearance. It utilizes Ultrasonic Vibration, Ion Care, Photon LED therapy and Thermal Heat Therapy.


The calming and soothing warm vibration will help you get ready for bed! Yes please!

SilcSkin Hand Theapy Review Mothers Day

After your hands have washed what seems like a thousand dishes and cleaned up countless messes – it’s time to give them a lil therapy!  Just before bed, apply the SilcSkin Hand Therapy.  It is the first silicone hand lotion formulated to treat hand wrinkles like scars. What does that mean? It pulls skin’s natural moisture to the surface, hydrating skin and improving collagen structure. This treatment smooths crepey skin on hands, as well as arms, elbows, knees, legs and skin under arms. Made in the USA with medical grade Dimethicone it is non-comedogenic and non-irritating…a win-win!



“The best part about this cream: it doesn’t leave your hands greasy, so you can still scroll Instagram and Facebook for an hour before you actually go to sleep.”

The Pillowcase By Circadia Lipgloss Aftershave

It’s finally time to crash!  But you’re going to crash in style and help your skin at the same time! Forget 400 thread count pima cotton! It’s The Pillowcase by Circadia!  Circadia CEO Michael Q. Pugliese explains, “When you sleep, your skin is potentially pressed for hours against a wrinkled fabric while the body’s natural nightly water loss from the skin is further increased by the absorbent property of cotton and other fabrics. These factors combine to produce what science calls compression defects in the skin. We call them sleep lines. Not only can sleep lines last for hours, more seriously, they mean that you have stretched and dehydrated your skin.

Do you think you can handle this?  Do you think you could do these 5 little things for yourself?

Thank you to dmSkincare, MYSKINBUDDY, Circadia, SilcSkin and Shir Organics for sponsoring this post.

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