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From Science to Beauty – NanoFusion with BioActives That Are Bio Available

NanoFusion: From Science to Beauty

Learn How To Successfully Infuse Topical Nutrition Into The Skin Without The Downtime

Only a few short years ago, the worlds of nanotechnology and the beauty industry collided. The challenge for most estheticians: successfully infusing topical nutrition into the skin at a rate that will yield the results that clients want without down time. And this is where NanoFusion and the highly efficacious serums from Skin Moderne Professional Beauty have found their place in the market.

Founded by a supplement developer, a plastic surgeon and an esthetician, Skin Moderne is standing out as one of 2021’s hot professional brands to check out. Utilizing high tech encapsulated molecules and delivery systems in their serum formulations, the combination of NanoFusion and specifically designed professional serums can deliver 5 times the active ingredients successfully past the stratum corneum. The results? They’re beautiful, clean, green and vegan.

And that’s not all! These highly effective infusions have retail options and a complimentary vegan, botanical line that clients are quickly falling in love with, too.

Join us for this 1 Hour Webisode  – Monday, October 4th, 2021 2 PM EST

Hosts: Richard Purvis + Wendy Jacobs Cochran 

Richard Purvis has more than 30 years of dedicated experience in nutrition, anti-aging and wellness research and innovation. He is the founder and innovator of numerous wellness brands  including Nutrimax, Nutritbrands, Skin Nutrition and co-founder of Noggin Nosh.
Purvis is the current CEO of Skin Moderne and the multi-patented beauty device and brand NanoFusion PRO.

Wendy Cochran is a California-based License Esthetician and Nanotechnology Super Fan. She jumped into her second career in esthetics head first as an advocate, challenging the state’s antiquated scope of practice, educating its Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and law makers of what the trade really does behind closed doors. Along the way, she found a love for lashing, education, and the promotion of safe and advanced technologies in the treatment room. Wendy is Skin Moderne’s educator and a representative, too.

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