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The Winter Remedies Guide

Winter.  Bleck! You can have it!  I don’t want to hear how pretty the snow is, nor do I want to hear about “how romantic” it is to snuggle under a blanket next to a roaring fire with a glass of wine.  There’s nothing good about winter, I mean unless you like skiing. Then there’s one good thing. But honestly, how many people can say they’ve been on skis more than 5 times in their lives?  

Winter is the only season you need to be rescued from! Honestly, who among us has ever said, “Oh this gorgeous summer day makes my bones hurt!”  Or have you ever once uttered the words, “I really wish this gorgeous spring day would stop drying out my skin?”

No, because summer and spring are amazing!  

But winter – your body needs a whole lot of help in the winter.  Your skin dries out. Your bones hurt. Your joints ache. You don’t move as much and you eat more – so you may put on a few extra pounds.  I mean, the world almost demands that you eat your body weight in cookies, cake and chocolate during November and December!  Then in January – everyone is running for the Kale + Quinoa and screaming at the scale!

Well, we’re here to save you this winter!  We’ve got our 10 favorite remedies for the dark, dry, cold, dreary winter!  We’ll keep your lips sparkling in December! In January when you start to fight the battle of the bulge, we’ll help you soothe your aches and pains AND help you find your perfect silhouette.  Then in February, we’ll make sure you’re skin is hydrated and healthy!

10 Winter Remedies Everyone Needs


PFB Vanish Skini Cream

PFB Vanish Skini Cream

We know you’ll be making a New Year’s Resolutions to drop the few extra lb’s from all the “holiday cheer” you ate AND drank!  You’ll definitely want to get to know Skini Cream, packed full of potent ingredients to help you get that slim + sexy silhouette in January!  

Hale & Hush Saffron Meristem Cream

Hale & Hush Saffron Meristem Cream

In the dead of winter, you’re going to want a cream that can give your skin all it needs!  Want to know why Saffron Meristems (think plant stem cells) are ideal for dry and sensitive skin in winter?  Find out how the key ingredients hydrate and nourish in the harsh winter weather!  

WELL Products Bath Soak

WELL Products Bath Soak

January 1st may bring some New Year’s Resolutions to “Workout More” and to “Get In Shape”.  If you’re making those threats, it’s going to hurt the first few times.  Want to know the why WELL Bath Soak, is going to LEGIT save you?  It’s got a secret ingredient that will calm and soothe, like nothing else! 

Saian Skincare Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Saian Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Don’t go one day into Winter without Hyaluronic Acid!  Want to know the secret that Dasha at Saian used to created this Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum to especially help skin in winter?

HydroPeptide Glow Team Hydrogel Mask Set

HydroPeptide Glow Team Hydrogel Mask Set 

Ok, this is brand new!  Want to know all about this amazing set of masks?  Want to know how this 4 pack of masks can give you a GLOW this winter?  You need to check out all 4 areas of your body that this kit can get glowing!  

dmSkincare-Green-Tea-Vita E-Moisturizer-lipgloss-aftershave
dmSkincare Green Tea Vita-E Moisturizer

dmSkincare Green Tea Vita-E Moisturizer

Vitamin E. Green Tea.  Your skin will “like” you for those ingredients.  But it will “LOVE” you for the other nourishing and hydrating ingredients in this truly magical moisturizer.  Want to know how to get a great luminous glow this winter?  

Viktoria DeAnn Lift Kit

Viktoria DeAnn Lift Kit from MedSpa Distributors

Our friends at MedSpa Distributors have one of the best kits for your skin this winter.  Want to know how the 4 feature products in The Lift Kit by Viktoria DeAnn are the perfect remedy for skin that’s being abused by harsh winter weather?  

DawnLorraine Black Currant Hydra Creme

Dawn Lorraine Black Currant Hydra Creme 

You’ll be intoxicated by the fragrance.  You’ll appreciate the sustainable packaging.  Want to know what truly exceptional organic ingredient Dawn Lorraine uses to give your skin a healthy winter glow?  

NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer

NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer

Available in 3 sizes.  You will be blown away at how this intensive moisturizer helps your skin.  Want to know what patented ingredient NeoGenesis uses to ensure that this moisturizer will give your skin – what no other moisturizer can this winter?  

GrandeCosmetics GrandeLIPS

GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper  

Stroll into every Holiday Party feeling confident.  Pucker up for Valentine’s Day!  Don’t stress for one second how great your smile looks.  Want to know what GrandeLIPS uses in their lip plumper that can give you such confidence?  

Thank you to PFB Vanish, Hale & Hush, WELL products, Saian, HydroPeptide, dmSkincare, MedSpa Distributors, Dawn Lorraine, NeoGenesis, and GrandeCosmetics for sponsoring this post.

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