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What Is NeuroEsthetics – Why Should It Be Considered

What Is NeuroEsthetics?

Why NeuroEsthetics should be considered when battling neurological diseases 

Esthetics are often thought of as only beauty services in spas, skin clinics, or medical spas. You can turn the face of time back, literally. We often find people use these services for wellness and skin improvements. From hair removal to safe benign lesion removal, the esthetic world is vast. With a 7.7. billion dollar industry, the esthetic world is here to stay, Estheticians are finding themselves employed at hospitals and dermatologist offices, so the face of esthetics continues to change. Now estheticians are seen as important team players in oncology, plastic surgery, dermatology, and geriatric care. So if we as estheticians can take our skills and offer it in neurology care what would that look like? .We are meeting people with neurological diseases and disorders with conditions that directly effect their skin health, we as estheticians can affect their skin journey.

This is the story of NeuroEsthetics. This field of esthetics developed to create skin wellness and improve skin health in people diagnosed with neurological diseases and disorders. NeuroEsthetics was developed by MASKD inc with Dr. Michelle Prosje in Jacksonville Florida 2021. Patients would come in to be evaluated by Dr. Prosje, a neuropsychologist, only to assess compounding needs for emotional health, skin hygiene, medication side effects, pain management and stress reduction. MASKD reviewed modalities, products and skin therapies that could present valuable input in those who were battling neurological diseases and disorders. The sum of this resulted in NeuroEsthetics and it was presented to Dr. Prosje as a service that could be used in wellness teams.

Rebecca Daughdrill

Contribution by Rebecca Daughdrill

Rebecca Daughdrill is an NCEA certified master esthetician with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology which she took in Norway. She attended Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics in Atlanta, Georgia, and became state boarded in 2014. She later became state boarded and Florida and Louisiana. Rebecca is the owner of MASKD with headquarters in Jacksonville Florida. She travels to Naples and Miami Beach where she sees clients. Born and raised in Norway, Rebecca moved to California and worked as a social worker until she decided to follow her passion. Rebecca’s aunt Anne Mette Hovland is a CIDESCO diplomat esthetician and always encouraged Rebecca to become an esthetician. Rebecca is second generation DMK Paramedical skin therapist, following her aunt’s lead. 

Rebecca is interested in expanding the boundaries of esthetics and challenge traditional views that esthetics only belong in spa environment. NeuroEsthetics was developed in 2021 with Dr. Prosje. Rebecca is developing a network called VitalTrust, where she has identified therapists and service providers who work with transgendered individuals. 

Esthetics was never meant to be for the few of us. It’s a gift to everyone. Estheticians can’t change the world, but we can make you feel good; so you do good in the world.

What are neurological disorders? These are conditions that effect the Central Nervous System. The conditions are either systemic or trauma induced. Conditions range from Traumatic brain injury to Parkinson Diseases. Though science have been able to identify disease patterns in some neurological diseases and disorders, there are still unknown factors of why degenerative conditions happen. There are still questions on how the brain really works and CNS rehabilitation. Secondary to the physiology concerns are areas of pain management, stress reduction, skin hygiene, and emotional wellbeing. The conditions can all be very painful and debilitating . Many individuals are faced with severe depression as their conditions worsen.

So what does that have to do with skin? Neurological conditions can place great strain on the integumentary system leaving these clients skin compromised for many reasons. Most common reasons are side effects from medication, declining skin health from reduced circulatory processes, pressure sores or ulcerations from lack of mobility and brace wearing, progressive nerve damage, scarring due to trauma and muscle weakness.  With skin compromised, secondary conditions present itself such as disturbed microbe layers, excelerated aging, glycation in skin, loss of fascia toning, and acne to mention few. As estheticians, we know that one skin condition isn’t a result of one factor but a series of unfortunate events.

Estheticians can with keen knowledge of skin anatomy and modalities work on different skin conditions that can present itself in this group of individuals. NeuroEsthetics uses different skin care products to increase circulation, product penetration, and restoring micro capillaries. An example are CBD infused skin care products for skin hydration and pain management with no side effects.  We do know recreational CBD use for pain management in this group is very common. Clients are very positive to the use of CBD in their skin care . The use of BEMER mats can help restore micro capillaries systemically allowing oxygenated blood in areas that are experiencing atrophy and cell death. Using electro magnetic therapies can in other areas improve sleep, pain management and hormone leveling which have been shown in studies performed in European rehabilitation hospitals.

Introducing Body enzymes can assist with reducing pressure heat sources to prevent skin ulcers. Introducing keratin activated oxygen products will help furthering healing skin processes. Let us not underestimate the power of touch and wellness to battle depression, which seems to be an area often overlook. Knowledge in seizures, muscle spasms, light sensitivities, memory loss and hyper touch sensitivities will be a part of contraindicative work. Modalities such as microcurrent, electromagnetic devices, LED and enzyme therapies are few modalities that can assist with overall skin health, muscle atrophy and cellular regeneration. There are some conditions where one would need a treating doctors approval to receive therapies.

For those battling neurological disorders, a diverse wellness team that includes NeuroEsthetics would be beneficial. Restoring skin health, receiving frequent skin  therapies, increase rest and relaxation, introducing alternative cutaneous pain management all beneficial in the battle against neurological disorders. NeuroEsthetics can be offered in any setting where patients receive care and therapies. The importance of skin health can never be overlook. Remember,  skin is always the body’s first line of defense so make sure its healthy.

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