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6 Ways To Exfoliate Skin Using Acids + Enzymes

Want 6 Ways To Exfoliate Skin On Every Client?

The ways to exfoliate skin break down into 2 major categories: manual and chemical.  Manual is when you use a scrub brush to get rid of all the dead skin.    OK, now that we know you’re paying attention.  Obviously, you’re not going to use a scrub brush to exfoliate your skin, your treatment room isn’t a bad horror film in which the star is possessed by satanic demons and needs to scrub themselves clean.

But don’t get too self righteous about manual exfoliation, it may not be a scrub brush, but it you definitely need friction in order to get the top layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis.

Who doesn’t love Microdermabrasion as a way to exfoliate skin?

But microdermabrasion isn’t even one of the 6 ways to exfoliate skin that we’re going to discuss.  It’s great, but not our focus today.

Only Kidding….

It may not be that severe when you microderm a client.  You may just want to use an exfoliating scrub cleanser on your client.  Something with a good grit so you can be sure that the dead skin cells are sloughing off to reveal beautiful fresh new skin.

Or maybe you’re more into dermaplaning as a way to exfoliate skin.

Again, Kidding….

I’m sure your scalpel isn’t nearly that big.  But you get the idea.  It’s kind of funny –  the things we do to skin to get it to glow.  Yes dermaplaning is amazing!  So amazing, that we wrote an article on dermaplaning as a way to exfoliate skin that got shared far and wide on the interwebs – but it’s not going to be our focus today either.


Today we’re gonna talk about chemical exfoliation:

  • Types Of Peels
  • Desired Results 
  • Ideal Clients 
Barry + Jenni

6 Ways To Exfoliate Skin Chemically with Acids + Enzymes.  


The famous Samantha chemical peel just before Carrie’s book launch.  This represents the worst case scenario of client communication and not managing expectations.  No esthetician would do a peel of that strength on a client that was going to an event.  We have more sophisticated technology today.  Some of today’s peels can be applied day of an event to give the skin a fresh, bright, dewey glow!  Not a raw hamburger face.  

Ways To Exfoliate Skin:  Peels + Enzymes

  • Enzymes
    The best analogy for enzymes on skin is that they’re like little Pac Men, who just go around munching up all the dead skin cells.  When the dead skin cells are gone, they just stop munching.  They only work on dead skin.  They’re usually safe for all skin types and are a great way to get a client to glow!
  • Glycolic Acid
    The OG of acids.  Made from sugar cane. This baby started it all back in the 90’s.  Its tiny molecular structure allows it to penetrate deeply into the skin, so you need to be very cautious when working with it.  It’s ideal for treating fine lines, deep wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmentation.  Good Chemical Peel For Skin Of Color
  • Mandelic Acid
    Super versatile.  Derived from almonds.  Large molecular structure makes this acid safe for all skin types, ideal for skin of color,  is great for treating hyperpigmenation and decongesting skin.
  • Salicylic Acid
    Great for acne.  Found in Willow Tree bark.  Able to dive into pores to help decongest the skin.  Also, a great acid to encourage skin cell turnover.  Good chemical peel for skin of color.
  • Lactic Acid
    Derived from milk, but much of today’s is synthetically produced.  A great hydrator for the skin.  Great to stimulate cell turnover and cell renewal.  Good chemical peel for skin of color.


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6 Ways To Exfoliate Skin In Treatment Room + At Home

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Resurfacing the skin has never been easier.  The advances in technology over the past 20 years has taken those harsh chemical peels we saw in Sex In The City and relegated them to the past!  Brands like Hale & Hush, dmGlow and Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare are creating peels that are versatile, gentle and even organic!  

We’d like to thank Dawn Lorraine  Conscious Skincare, Hale & Hush, Cara Cosmetics, dmGlow, Mark Lees Skincare, and Lira Clinical for sponsoring this article.