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Dermamed Solutions Updates Their Vitamin C Moisturizer

Updated Vitamin C Moisturizer Will Surprise You 

The C-difference™ moisturizer has been a customer favorite for years, yet they felt it was time to give this product a little update and boost. 

New Featured Key Actives 

The key player in this sensitive skin wonder product is Endothelyol®, a unique 5-in-1 active ingredient that addresses the major skin inflammation factors, helping to reduce new vessel formation while brightening skin tone.  We use the ingredient at 2.5% – the amount used in the research from the photos below which yields incredible results!

To round out the formula we added a few other fabulous ingredients for sensitive skin.  Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a very gentle form of vitamin C that delivers this critical vitamin to the skin in an enzymatic reaction that occurs when it comes in contact the skin.  Sodium Hyaluronate can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water!  As part of this product in a small molecule delivery system, it allows for deep penetration and water delivery yielding smoother, softer skin with decreased appearance of wrinkles.  The icing and cherry on this cake include a botanically based antioxidant blend called Botanessential RRST that protects skin from free radical damage and promotes college synthesis. And finally, we added  Ceramides to help fortify the skin barrier and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. 

Our newly reformulated C-difference™ lotion addresses inflamed, sensitive skin and anti-aging needs from all angles in a luscious, silky lotion that is ideal  for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin in people of all ages.

Available in retail sizes and back bar sizes.  Back bar is featured in the photo above. 

Dermamed offers dmGlow

dmGlow is going to change the way you think about skincare treatments.  It’s literally everything. It combines ancient, holistic modalities, modern technology, scientific medical skincare and pure botanical products.  It’s a turn key treatment for any skincare business. Just get dmGlow™ and you receive everything you need to go to business on one kit.

Treat Every Client

This 3-Step Professional Only treatment, is designed for everyone, regardless of skin tone or age!  It will encourage the internal energy inside every client to be the catalyst that brings about profound change in their skin.

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