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Tips to Lock in Your Nutrition + Stop Transepidermal Water Loss

Tips to Stop Transepidermal Water Loss

Tips To Locking In Your Skin’s Glow by Minimizing Transepidermal Water Loss

Transepidermal water loss and your lipid barrier are in an ongoing dance.  They are intertwined forever and are both key indicators of your skin’s health and its ability to maintain a natural glow!

“What Is The Skin Barrier Function? It is commonly referred to as the lipid barrier. First and foremost, when you have a strong and healthy barrier,  Transepidermal Water Loss is eliminated. All hydration and skin food is locked in and can’t be pulled from the skin by external factors.” Read More on Understanding the Lipid Barrier

How Does Nutrition Impact The Skin?

When discussing nutrition for healthy skin, it’s important to first understand how nutrition impacts the skin.

While it is extremely important to nourish, hydrate, and protect the skin’s lipid barrier, and various cells that reside within the layers of the epidermis (as well as the skin’s microbiome which lives on the surface of the stratum corneum), all cells in the dermal and epidermal layers draw the nutrients they need to form properly from the blood. read more….

Transepidermal Water Loss also known as TEWL, is simply the passive diffusion of your body’s water through the top layer (stratum corneum).  When the stratum corneum has a healthy lipid barrier, meaning, there is a good balance of natural oils and water on the skin’s surface and a healthy microbiome, your skin is able to lock in moisture and minimize transepidermal water loss.


Skin Issues That Allow Transepidermal Water Loss

When the protective lipid barrier is disrupted, then skin issues begin.  What causes the disruption? Well, that’s an entire segment of the skin care industry.  However, to summarize that, it can be anything from harsh ingredients to a poor diet. Just know that 2 things happen that are problematic.

1. Things Get In That Shouldn’t 

If the barrier is disrupted that means there’s not a protective layer of oil on the skin’s surface, which will allow bacteria to enter.  If the microbiome is negatively impacted, then bacteria will have a free for all on the surface of the skin.

2. Things Get Out That Shouldn’t 

This barrier disruption means that the oily layer on the skin’s surface is no longer acting like a sort of “seal” over the stratum corneum so water can escape, leaving the skin compromised.  This dehydrated skin can no longer function properly.

Now with bacteria entering the skin and the skin not able to funciton properly due to dehydration, chaos ensues!

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Learn How To Prevent Transepidermal Water Loss

Learn the basics on preventing transepidermal water loss by keeping the skin’s lipid barrier healthy. This is a preview of DMK International’s Intro To Skin Revision. Literally every time we participate in a DMK International training we walk away with nuggets of knowledge on skin’s function. 

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5 Tips To Minimize Transepidermal Water Loss

1  Hydra Dew Pure™ Elixir Balm + Hydra Dew Pure™ Oil –  Repêchage

We were given a sneak preview of the Hydra Dew Pure™ Elixir Balm, which has not been released yet! This is the companion product to Repêchage’s Hydra Dew Pure™ Oil, that they released earlier this year.

“Now, more than ever, we are looking for solutions to easily but effectively address the problem of over-drying and a compromised skin barrier,” says Repêchage® CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati.

Feature Ingredient –  Mastic

Known as the “Tears of Chios,” Mastic or Mastiha is a precious, ivory-colored resin with a
balsam-like scent derived from the mastic tree, located in the southern tip of the large island of Chios in the Aegean that is most legendary.

For skin, this ingredient is known to help strengthen the appearance of the skin barrier, to
instantly help reduce dryness, while helping reduce the appearance of lines and dark spots. 2 In clinical studies, it also been found to help reduce the appearance of pores and oil.

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Learn The Scientific Link Between Natural Ingredients + Glowing Skin

Lydia Sarfati from Repêchage will join us to discuss the scientific link between the natural skin care ingredints that she uses in her world famous brand of skin care and how those ingredinets produce results.

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2. Aquaporin - Circadia

You will def keep a healthy lipid barrier with this moisturizer!  Aquaporin is one of Circadia’s most popular products!

Our review: It’s light weight but really effective.  Absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished.  A great versatile moisturizer for everyday!

Hydrate with natural oils to maintain and increase skin moisture. With the most effective hydrating agents, this amazing cream leaves skin feeling soft and healthy.

3. Pre-Cleansing Oil - Rooted Queen by Queen City Beauty

Start off your skincare routine with a pre-cleanse that will build up your barrier rather than strip it away!  

Our review:  This product is super light weight – one of the lightest facial oils I’ve ever used.  It has a slight botanical scent and is a pleasure to use.  It easily emolsifies when water is added and can be gently whisked away using the Queen City Beauty “Queen’s Cloth“!  

This luxurious botanical oil blend transforms into a milky emulsion that easily breaks down
dirt, makeup and oils more efficiently than most cleansers when water is added
• Skin feels clean, nourished and well hydrated, never greasy
• Perfect for heavy makeup, waterproof mascaras and deeply embedded impurities and
environmental pollution
• Can be used as a pre-cleanse for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin or as a
primary cleanser for dry, dehydrated, mature or sensitive skin

4. The Bio-Barrier Calming Serum - Sesha Skincare

This serum is an opaque serum with a thicker viscosity and a yellow color.  

Our review: it’s incredibly moisturizing with a slight medicinal fragrance from the Tea Tree that’s used to help kill germs.  I love using it the serum in conjuction with the Bio-Barrier Essentail Spray, I do this 2 step routine after I come home from being out shopping and I take off my mask.  

Bio-Barrier Calming Serum was initially developed in response to the needs of frontline workers, first responders, healthcare and essential workers to protect the skin after wearing tight-fitting masks for extended periods of time. This product is an oil-based serum with a non greasy application. It quickly absorbs into the skin to hydrate and calm the skin while also strengthening the skin barrier. Formulated with essential oils for their antimicrobial benefits, this serum will help protect and heal the skin.

5. Midnight Bloom - KM Herbals

This facial oil is delicious.  

Our review:  it’s a pleasure to use because of its cosmetic elegance when applying it to the skin.  The botanicals also give it a brilliant fragrance.  

Originally developed as a nighttime treatment, this rich and luxurious facial oil can be enjoyed day or night. Our formula is blended with botanical oils high in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to nourish depleted or dry conditions and balance out skin tone and texture. The essential oil of Rose hydrates and protects, while Chia and Pomegranate Seed Oil leave the skin with a glowing, dewy finish.

We’d like to thank Repêchage, Sesha Skincare, KM Herbals, Circadia and Queen City Beauty for sponsoring this article.

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