The L+A Protocol

Ready to step up your marketing game?

Let us create a step-by-step guide for you effectively position and market your business.

Step 1.

We do a comprehensive analysis of your business via phone chat with you.  We analyze your competitors and review their digital presence.

Step 2.

We create an outline of your business’s strengths areas for improvement. We establish up to 3 overall goals for your business with objectives and instructions on how to improve.

Step 3.

We provide a mini step-by-step instructional outline on how to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

Step 4.

We choose a 6 month period and break out a a plan for you by month, which includes the following:

  • Monthly Themes.
  • Suggestions for Blogging.
  • Email Marketing Suggestions.
  • Social Media Suggestions.
  • Topics for Facebook Live Videos.

Price: $1,800

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Suggestions From The Pros.

what to promote – a monthly guide.