Spooning For Skin Rejuvenation

Did you know that spooning is good for your skin?  Yes, spooning can help to detox your skin! Are you suspect that being curled up in the arms of the one you love is actually good for your skin?  Are you doubting that the feeling of security when holding on to your special someone is good for your skin?

We’re actually referring to the use of a cold spoon during the newest facial from Spanish skincare brand Germaine de Capuccini.  We discovered “The Cold Spoon Facial” at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference in Las Vegas. It’s actually called The SRNS Advanced Global Anti-Aging by Germaine de Capuccini which is imported by International Aesthetic Corporation. But we think “The Cold Spoon Facial” really sums it up!


I saw the team from International Aesthetic Corporation doing a treatment at their booth and I noticed they were using a spoon to do the facial massage.  I had to investigate! I approached my friend Natalia, the owner of International Aesthetic Corporation and jokingly asked her, “Why are you spooning that girl’s face? She cracked up laughing and said, “It’s our newest facial. You should try it!”


I had a very aggressive multi-layer chemical peel the day before I discovered this “Cold Spoon Facial”.  Plus we were in the hot, dry weather of Las Vegas in June. Essentially, my skin was really dry and needed some TLC.  This treatment was exactly what I needed!


It was delicious!  This treatment was so unbelievably relaxing!  Every step was relaxing and nurturing. There was lots of massage as well as a peel off gel mask that was so incredibly relaxing!  This treatment has 2 ampules filled with serums that are applied to the skin, one at the beginning and one at the end [RE-PLUMP ON + RECOVER ON].  Then there is a massage emulsion [RESTORE ON] and the peel off facial mask [TURN BEAUTY ON] that are applied throughout.


I just can’t explain how utterly hypnotic cold spoon massage was.  The combination of the cold spoon being gently massage over my skin with the warmth of the estheticians hand was just a calming and soothing feeling that I was able to just relax and let go.  We filmed the treatment and Natalia narrated each step, during the massage portion she explained this phenomenon for us, “The contrast of my hand being warm and the cold of the spoon is going to increase circulation and be detoxifying to the skin.”

Think you’d like to experience the bliss of this facial?  Does your skin need some TLC that only this relaxing and therapeutic treatment can offer? You can locate a spa near you that offers “The Cold Spoon Facial” by contacting International Aesthetic Corporation.



First SRNS Stands for:  Synchronised Regenerating Natural System…which made me so curious: What does this all mean? I spoke to my good friend Natalia who is the owner of International Aesthetic Corporation and asked her why this treatment is so special.  Natalia explained,”Every day, thousands of our cells are damaged by lifestyle and environmental aggressions. Over time, the gene structure within these cells becomes unable to repair itself and stops producing essential proteins that naturally slow down the aging process. The SRNS Global Anti-aging Program reactivates the dormant genes and boosts cellular regeneration using “Epigenol” and “Zinc-Glycine Complex”. Germaine de Capuccini creates this effective, global and tailor-made answer for mature skin based on three essential targets: RESTORES – RECOVERS – FILLS IN.

My skin loved this facial.  It was hydrated and luminous!  You have to love the European approach to skincare.  Not only is this facial incredibly relaxing, but the modalities involved are combined with potent cosmeceuticals to produce results over the recommended course of 5 treatments.

This is a great treatment to offer clients in between advanced exfoliating treatments to help their skin replenish and revive.  It’s a truly relaxing and restoring facial. It would be a great introductory facial for new clients too! It would be a wonderful seasonal treatment for Fall + Winter.  Want to add it to your spa’s menu? You can inquire here.

Thank you to Germaine de Capuccini for sponsoring this post.

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