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A Spa Eye Treatment To Die For

We all need a spa eye treatment since all we’ve seen for two years are people’s eyes looking out over pandemic masks. I know I/we are over it, so I will just insert an eyeroll for all of us right here. This was the perfect time for everyone to look in the mirror and do a few things to make themselves look and feel as better as they possibly could, given the circumstance. Of course, getting lash extensions and eyebrows micro-bladed was a huge success for those offering it (I even got my very own eyebrows done) but it was also amazing for those of us who were offering waxing, serums, masks, and small devices to help with the fine lines around those peepers!

I take care of the delicate skin around my eyes and my client’s eyes with a few different serums, and small but mighty devices. Today I will share a few of my favorites.

Shirley Avila

Contribution by Shirley Avila

Shirley is an award-winning esthetician, writer, esthetics trainer and brand representative.

She’s based in Sunny Southern California, which means she lives most days in the bright and beautiful sun.


3 Tips For A Winning Spa Eye Treatment

hale and hush ingredients

1. Use A High Quality Moisturizer

Hale & Hush Eye Mousse is just heavenly for dark under eye circles, it’s also hydrating and plumping for the delicate skin around the eyes. I use this on every client who has ever asked about taking care of their under eyes and crow’s feet. A little dab will do ya, as it expands the more oxygen hits it, so literally, half of a pea size is all you need. Anti-Glycation ingredient L Carnosine to help with inflammation as well as Daisy Flower Extract that helps to naturally brighten skin tone.

If you would like more information on Hale & Hush Skincare, I am a Product Knowledge Educator for them and hold classes every few months, let Kay know that you would like to sign up for one of my classes sales@haleandhush.com.

2. Perform Nano Infusion

The Rezenerate Nano Infusion Wand is such a great modality to help push in my favorite anti-aging serums! It does not hurt when the nano facial is being performed or when completed, there is little to zero downtime, helps to plump up fine lines and wrinkles, and is gentle enough to go over the brow bone, the crow’s feet, and right under the delicate eye area. The result is cumulative, so best to get in a series of six to eight, two weeks apart, and sent home with product to maintain the results of course.

If you would like more information about The Rezenerate Nano Infusion Wand, I am a sales representative and would love to talk to you!


3. Use A Regenerative Serum

XO8 Cosmeceuticals Revitalizing Elixir, formally known as the XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Serum is still my favorite serum of all time; this serum has such an amazing ingredient deck that helps to plump up those fine lines and wrinkles, brighten up skin tone as well as tone the overall appearance of the eyes to make them pop! If I had to choose just a few ingredients that I love about this serum, I would have to say Matrixyl, which helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles, and Snap 8, the “liquid Botox”. I personally use this daily.

If you would like more information on XO8 Cosmeceuticals Skincare, I am a lead sales representative and can be reached at shirley@xo8cosmeceuticals.com.

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