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The 3 Pronged Scientific Skin Treatment for Acne

A scientific skin treatment for acne is crucial for effective results.

We are living in the age of DIY skincare; thankfully estheticians who are trained to use science in their skin care treatments will always have a job thanks to those bloggers sharing their latest “DIY skincare tips” or “best skincare products under $10.” 

Using the advances in science over the past decade is how you set yourself apart from the vast majority of online beauty bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers that focus on selling over-the-counter skin care products that are never going to help your clients! 

Sadly, oftentimes, estheticians are a consumer’s last resort. Personally, I have many new clients who are resistant to purchasing skin care products from me or invest in another treatment after being sold products that are not effective. Consumers suffering from acne are often times the largest group who suffer like this. 

How do I set myself and my business apart? What do I do to help this new client feel comfortable?  How do I get a client suffering from acne and acne scarring to trust me over those so I can give their skin one last shot? I use scientific skin treatments for acne!

How To Work With A First Time Acne Client

Acne and post acne scarring are the primary concerns for many clients coming to see me. Most of these clients have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on countless products, treatments and medications only to have no success. 

Let’s talk about how to educate your client to place their trust in you.  Let’s talk about how to help heal acne and acne scarring with scientific skin treatments for acne.  These treatments will  in turn mean happy clients. Let’s talk about how to incorporate LED treatments, microcurrent and peptides into your treatments and clients’ homecare.

The Consultation on the Scientific Skin Treatment for Acne 

When a client comes to see me for their first appointment, I always include a 30-minute consultation where we sit down together, and I listen to the client and hear his or her skin concerns. I look at his or her current skincare routine and many times I’m unfamiliar with the product lines, so I’ll hop on Google and do some research on ingredients and the company’s philosophy. 

This gives me an understanding of the clients’ major skin issues and how I can tailor their facial to improve their skin during that hour. 

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Communicating The Scientific Skin Treatment for Acne 

I explain every step of the scienctific skin treatment for acne and educate the client about their skin, how it functions, why they are getting their current results and what we can do differently to improve their skin. This builds trust and helps that first-time nervous client to relax, especially when you are confident in the way you speak with them. Remember, they are coming to see you because you are the expert and need to present that way.

Even if you are still newer to the industry, you have a license and that already proves you are an expert and know more than they do.

The next step is to incorporate peptides along with LED treatments and/or Microcurrent treatments depending on the client’s specific needs. Let’s start with peptides for treating acne.

Using Peptides in the Scientific Skin Treatment For Acne

The peptides that are used in my scientific skin treatments for acne are BioActive, which means they mimic the skin and work with our cells to improve certain conditions in the skin. The specific peptides that I focus on for acne clients involve stopping the growth of P.acne bacteria in the pores.  The fewer P.acne bacteria the fewer comedones, milia and acne inflammation.

I then apply a repair peptide that calms and soothes inflamed skin. This specific peptide not only repairs the inflammation in the cells, but it calms the melanocyte cells, which aids in PIH repair. Typically, these two peptides are used for all acne clients, however, we have those adult acne clients who have stripped their skin of all sebum and are suffering from transepidermal water loss (TEWL). 

For many of these clients, oil gets trapped under the skin and we notice white bumps that when extracted, oil pours out. When a client’s skin is dehydrated, we need to rehydrate the skin to release the sebum from being trapped. This can also be done with the use of a hydrating peptide that increases moisture content and prevents TEWL. This helps the skin balance out by easing up oil production and the amount of P.acne bacteria growth in the pores.

Using LED Light Therapy In The Scientific Skin Treatment For Acne

LED Light Therapy is common for many estheticians to use during facial treatments. Devices vary however, most professional devices use both red and blue LED to treat the skin. Blue LED is effective for  scientific skin treatments for acne, because the blue light works by killing P.acne bacteria and can penetrate beneath the skin’s surface. Blue LED therapy is safe to use and affordable, yet only requires a handful of treatments and the clients see much improvement in their acne.

Once we get the client’s skin calm, we can then use red LED light to accelerate tissue repair, stimulating collagen and reducing inflammation in the melanocyte cells while inhibiting tyrosinase. Using a series of red LED light will help with PIH and continue to heal from deep within the skin. While red LED is mainly used for anti-aging, it works great for scarring and PIH.

I will offer clients a series of 8 bi-weekly LED treatments.  I typically start them off with blue LED and once improvement begins, usually around the 4th treatment, I switch them to a combination of both blue and red during their next several treatments. PIH can be tricky to treat and takes time and patience to achieve desired results. While clients see results during their LED series, it may take additional red LED treatments to continue to repair the skin.

Using Microcurrent in the Scientific Skin Treatment For Acne

For clients that suffer from severe acne, microcurrent is a better alternative than LED. Microcurrent is anti-inflammatory, as it stimulates the lymphatic system and offers lymphatic drainage. This offers immediate relief from painful extractions and acne. The microcurrent treatment is performed post-extraction and after the application of the acne-specific peptides that I mentioned earlier. 

We then apply a sheet mask to sooth, and connect the microcurrent device to the mask to conduct electro-magnetic current throughout the entire face. After the treatment, the client is not only relaxed but his or her skin is calm, and the pain has been reduced. Over the next several days, this client will continue to see improvement in acne.

Especially during Covid, treatments like microcurrent for acne, are an ideal alternative and can be performed in a hands-free setting for clients that may still feel uncomfortable coming in for facial treatments. Microcurrent works whether or not you perform extractions on that client. You can boost your business and promote hands-free acne treatments and change your clients’ lives without touching them.

Customizing Home Care After The Scientific Skin Treatment for Acne

You’ve educated your client, calmed down their acne and PIH during their facial; what’s next? It’s time to get them on a homecare routine.   I customize the client’s homecare with this same combination of peptides to calm the acne inflammation, prohibit P.acne growth, repair the cells and inhibit tyrosinase. 

Something that I tell clients is, what you do to your skin twice a day impacts your skin the most, if you continue to keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll never achieve desired results.

Many estheticians fear sales, but this is the most important step. I tell clients that investing in your skin and using skincare products that are specifically targeted to your skin’s specific needs is how you will see improvement in your skin.

You are not just selling your clients products; you are giving them the right tools they can use daily to see improvement in their skin.  Products such as peptides incorporated with monthly facials and either LED or microcurrent treatments will help your clients achieve positive results in their skin. Your clients will have put their full trust in you, because you have given them a gift they have been searching for.

Samantha Dench has been a licensed esthetician since 2003, owner of Skin Deep since 2010, author and speaker.  Samantha’s passion stems beyond treating the skin to include internal health to achieve healthy skin for clients by finding the root of the problem.  Samantha loves to educate women and share her knowledge & passion of skin.  Samantha’s mission is to help women take control of their skin. Samantha loves helping clients simplify their skincare routine, find what works for their skin, how to incorporate a skincare routine into a busy lifestyle and love the reflection staring back.

Samantha is a single mom of three, loves to cook, bake and find creative ways to find healthy alternatives to her favorite dishes. 

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