Skin Science Education Series by Professional Skincare Training

Skin Science Education Series by Professional Skincare Training


Let’s geek out on the science of skincare and get back to the basics.


Skin Anatomy 101 – it’s been a while, but get back to the basics and review what you know!  Challenge yourself to watch and note the things you had forgotten. 


Understand the bioavailability and delivery systems of ingredients.  It’s one thing to understand an ingredient, like Vitamin C and what it’s good for.  But how does Vitamin C get to where it needs to go?  You will learn how some ingredients are more bioavailable than others.


Glycation AGE.  Glycation is a process where excess sugar molecules attach themselves to other molecules in the body, specifically proteins and fats. Collagen and elastin are the skin proteins most prone to glycation.  Learning about glycation is essential when focusing on anti-aging skincare.

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