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Does Your Skin Need A Skin Detox?

Our Thoughts on A Skin Detox

Need a skin detox? When I first started doing digital marketing consulting, I had a juice cleanse company as a client and one of their main selling points was that doing a juice cleanse helped to detoxify the body. Which, at the time, I thought sounded so pure and good. They used the highest quality ingredients and there were so many positive properties in the juice that were listed.

There was all of this talk about how enzymes clean the cells and that the juice cleanse didn’t add anything extra to the body, so the enzymes would be able to clean out the cells because they only had the trapped debris to focus on.

It took a few years, but after some passive investigation (that’s my term for following health professionals on social media), I learned that the juice cleanse company’s theory didn’t take into consideration the lungs, liver and kidneys!


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3 Health Professionals Discuss Skin Detox

Registered Dietician

If you want advice on food, supplements, good food vs bad food or what to eat, you need to find a Registered Dietician. You can find a registered dietician through EatRight.org.  You can also find health professionals on social media platforms and follow them for information.

Check out Nutrition by Kylie MS,RD, LDN on TikTok or Instagram. Kylie is a Registered Dietician, Nutritionist who has a lot of content on some basics on nutrition that can get you started on a path to a better relationship with food.

Check out her TikTok here, she discusses Nutrition Myths.  Here’s what she has to say,

“Nutrition myths with a dietician, you don’t need an expensive detox product to do what your lungs, liver and kidneys already do naturally. By depriving your body of the nutrients it needs actually works against your body’s natural detoxification process.”, Kylie. 

Board Certified Dermatologist

In doing some active research I came across an article on Healthline.com, that really lays it out pretty clearly!

“The trend has also encouraged the beauty industry to adopt detoxification. And there can be quite a bit of confusion over what this means.

Because the skin is the largest organ in the body and can therefore pick up dirt and grime, some believe it is possible to “purge” the skin and remove all the “bad” stuff that’s clogging pores. This isn’t really true.

“There’s no such thing as skin detox from a medical perspective,” says board-certified dermatologisDr. Fayne Frey.””

Skin Clinic Medical Director

The same Healthline.com article had a spectacular quote from the Medical Director of a skin clinic.

“When people talk about ‘detoxing the skin,’ it’s more about what you can do to the surface to protect your skin from the outside environment more so than clearing out what’s on the inside,” says Dr. Ross Perry, medical director of CosmedicsUK.  Why? Because toxins can’t exit the body via the skin.”

3 Tips For Healthy Skin?

We love talking about how to achieve healthy skin! Since the skin is actually attached and part of your body, we say, healthy body will help you have healthy skin.

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Follow Skin Experts Advice

Here’s an article we wrote that offers skin health tips from professionals in the skin care industry.

“Healthy skin is an absolute must! We have a list of tips that you must follow before you buy products!

The most important components of healthy skin are healthy skin cells and a healthy barrier.  Skin cells that are healthy perform at optimal levels and are easier to coax into their best state using cosmeceuticals. We also need a healthy acid mantle and microbiome to ensure we have optimal barrier function.” Read More

Take Care Of Your Skin Everyday

Having a good home care routine is vital to making sure that you’re optimizing your skin’s ability to care for itself. Here’s an excerpt from an article we wrote on 8 Tips For A Good Skin Care Routine At Home. 

“A good skin care routine at home is the single most important part of taking care of your skin!  Your skin is made up of skin cells that have a life span. The life span of a cell begins deep down in the skin and continues as they work their way up to the skin’s surface. Sort of like a seed that grows into a plant.  If you don’t nurture the seed with water and nutrients the seed won’t grow and if it does grow, it may not be as bold and beautiful as it could have been if properly cared for!” Read More

Get Regular Skin Care Treatments

Go to a pro! Estheticians will guide you through the process of taking care of your skin. No need for a skin detox if you’re getting regular facials, using good home care, and following the advice of a skin care professional. Want to learn about facials and some really exciting treatments that will maximize your skin health? Here’s a list of Next Generation Facial Treatments That Get Results!

“All of this … has given the modern facialist – now titled -The Esthetician – greater access to facial treatments that can dramatically improve the skin health of their clients.” Read More

Special Event Facial

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