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Computerized Skin Analysis That Features The Esthetician As The Expert

A skin analysis tool for in office or remote use, imagine the possibilities that this technology can bring to your business. It’s an all-new way of doing business in the skin care industry resulting from the “new-normal” that we’re living in today.

Globally we are all challenging norms and dramatically shifting how we engage with one another. When was the last time you purchased something online? Do you find you’re texting and using video chats versus making a phone call or visiting in-person? 2020 accelerated these behaviors, and in some instances permanently shifted how we engage with one another. The duality of technology is obvious – tech has moved into the center of our lives, and in doing so tech has displaced us, the human being. 

As we conceived Corpus Group we had a singular, mission-critical, requirement. We would cement the expertise, care, and love of the skincare professional as the center of the professional skincare market. To do so we had to rethink the way to engage the consumer market. How to utilize technology, and create new revenue opportunities for professional skincare providers, in ways that exceed client needs.

Sean Patrick Harrington

Contribution by Sean Patrick Harrington

Entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO Corpus Group. Founder of Previse skincare, a line of vegan, plant-based, dermatology led skincare. Global marketing industry veteran with 15+ years at multinationals including Nestle, L’Oréal, and Unilever. Branding, product development, marketing, and supply chain expert.

Then the ah-ha happened. We had artificial intelligence [AI] to scan skin remotely, but the complementary pieces – virtual telecare and cloud-based scheduling – were missing. But to launch our solution it had to be easy to use. We could not launch an old-fashioned software product. The solution had to be cloud-based and available as a service or SaaS.

Combined into a single SaaS tool, we found that professionals are better able to connect with clients in ways that their clients are living, working, and reassembling their lives after the global pandemic. In collaboration with our professional skincare Advisory Council, we are leveraging technology to return the skincare professional back into the center of the market.

The New Normal is Remote Skin Analysis Using Cutting Edge Technology

“Imagine clients sending you daily images of their skin after microneedling, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Not just a selfie in their bathroom, but a photo that’s read by cloud-based machine learning that factually shows you their multi-point analysis. Our tool allows you to adjust home care in real time to ensure that you’re helping your client achieve the best results possible, and crystalizing your relationship”.

Jenna Blaha

President, Corpus Group

Our AI powered skin scan generates a personalized diagnostic report with fact-based assessments. With their client’s diagnostic report in hand, professionals are able to recommend treatments, services, and products that are perfectly customized to their client.

Skin Analysis That is HIPPA Compliant

Our HIPAA compliant telecare portal allows skin care professionals to connect with clients virtually in a secure way, driving new revenue and allowing clients to stay in touch in-between appointments or from a distance.

Skin Analysis That Offers More

Our smart-cloud booking system speeds clients into your virtual or office appointments. Yes, virtual appointments are now a reality with our product. And if your client wants to also book an in-person appointment they can do that too. Plus, we are able to plug-in to your existing booking system if you prefer. We are nimble!

For More Information On The Corpus Group Skin Analysis

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Skin Analysis Becomes A Marketing Tool

Our SaaS tool launches in January 2022. We have a massive public relations and geo-targeted online advertising campaign. Consumers will flock to our new platform to learn more about their skin. In turn, we will send each customer to our exclusive group of trusted, licensed providers for virtual skin consultations. We believe many of these virtual clients will become new loyal clients for you.

So let’s imagine together. Imagine new clients booking a virtual appointment or walking through your door. The first thing we must do is develop trust. Skin scans completed from a phone, tablet, or desktop are the new professional tool to confirm what you see and what you recommend. Imagine your future client scrolling through Instagram seeing our post or advertisement. They scan their skin and receive their diagnostic report. Then Corpus Group redirects them to you for expert review, plus treatment and product recommendations. Collaboratively we help develop trust at record speed and improve treatments, so you’re better able to retain clients long after they leave your practice.

That future is now. Our future is your reality.

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