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Body Mechanics + Spa Equipment Can Save Your Career

Spa equipment and body mechanics can save your career!

The ergonomics of your work area are vital! Having spa equipment that is easy to adjust mid-treatment will help to support your posture and ensure that you are free from repetitive use injuries that can disable estheticians and massage therapists.

Silhouet-Tone has been a trusted brand since 1965! They boast a reputation for offering long-lasting spa equipment at affordable prices! You can take advantage of their vast inventory of spa equipment that will allow you to furnish an entire treatment room. Shop with confidence knowing that the Silhouet-Tone 2 year warranty is there to ensure your investment is secure.

silhouet tone spa equipment

Use Silhouet-Tone Spa Equipment For A Complete Treatment Room 

How’s the spa equipment in your treatment room? Does your spa equipment quality match the level of your skin care treatments? Are you using the highest quality products and devices on your clients but not affording yourself the same quality in the spa equipment that you are using?

Is your current treatment table hard to adjust? Do you have to stretch, bend and maneuver in odd positions to reach your carts, hot towel cabi, steamer and mag lamp?

See how Silhouet-Tone Spa Equipment options can help improve how you feel at the end of the day!


Luxury, Long-Lasting Treatment Tables That Are Affordable

The treatment table is the foundation piece of spa equipment in any treatment room. Silhouet-Tone offers tables that are easily adjusted during the treatment, to ensure you are delivering incredible treatments and protecting yourself from injury!

Silhout-Tone Spa Equipment

Elite Silver Star Table

ELITE SILVER STAR is your choice when looking for simple elegance. This piece of spa equipment is ideal for use while performing facials, aesthetic and medi-spa treatments, and applying makeup. This unit rotates a full 360º, making it ideal when work space is limited.

Silhout-Tone Spa Equipment

Laguna Sand 

LAGUNA SAND is a highly versatile multi-purpose chair. This piece of spa equipment is just right for facials, waxing, massage, or any type of body treatments. Its unique contour and shape provides exceptional working ease for skin care professionals and massage therapists as well as maximum client comfort.

Spa Equipment + Supplies For All Your Spa + Skin Care Needs

No one has time to spend hours shopping for the best value in spa equipment. Now with Silhouet-Tone, they can become your one-stop-shop for spa equipment. You can outfit your treatment room from carts, steamers, magnifying lamps, towel warmers, wax pots, and all the little things we take for granted.

One call or a single website visit you can order sheets, towels, cotton rounds, 2×2, 4×4, wax, table paper and so much more!

How many times have you heard a fellow esthetician complain about back, neck, shoulder or arm pain?

Having the right equipment will prevent that pain!

Barry + Jenni

The Duo, Lipgloss + Afteshave

Modulex Base
The Modulex Column keeps all of your essentials in arms reach. This modular system column design can be configured to accommodate products, accessories, and instruments. Silent rolling casters allow for ease of movement and accessibility. All options sold separately. Compatible with all Cirrus units, including Vapo Cirrus, Rotary Brush, and Vac Spray. Other add-on items include tray, shelf, SS bowls, and accessory holder. Can accommodate any magnifying lamp. This design is completely customizable for your needs.

Shown with Omega 7 LED Magnifying Lamp, Double Bowl Holder, Blu Stream Steamer.  *ALL ITEMS PICTURED ARE SOLD SEPARATELY

Spa Essentials
Silhouet-Tone is the has all of your
Spa Essentials. You can shop for bowls, disinfectants, disposables, gauze, gloves, paper rolls, sheets, towels, and treatment tools.

This treatment room cart is the perfect piece of spa equipment for the day spa, skin care center, skin care treatment room, or medical spa.  Designed with spas in mind, this trolley boasts 2 pull-out drawers and a very convenient storage area under the top shelf. It is made of melamine for outstanding sturdiness and is equipped with 4 quiet casters, making it easy to move and handle.

Hot Towel Cabi
The perfect Hot Towel Cabi. Can be used to warm headbands, slippers, and face towels. Items can be inserted either moist or dry. The Hot Towel Cabi has a capacity of 18 facial towels. It has galvanized shelves with an anti-corrosive guarantee.  The interior temperature remains at a constant 175°F. It comes with a UV sanitation bulb and is crafted with care in Japan.

Wax Warmer 4
Designed to last and built with the most reliable components, the Wax Warmer 4 is the perfect equipment for your waxing room. Professional premium quality Silhouet-Tone wax heater with a large efficiency and a large capacity for hot wax depilation. Forget about compromises. The WAX 4 is the ultimate tool for professional waxing.

Azulene Hard Wax 
This Azulene Hard Wax softens and calms irritations caused by waxing. The anti-inflammatory properties of this active ingredient make it perfect for all skin types as it ensures gentle and comfortable hair removal, even when used on reactive skin.

It is perfect for use on sensitive areas such as the bikini and underarms. Its ultra-fast drying time allows for effective hair removal and minimizes pain and skin reactions. This wax is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Our gratitude to Silhouet-Tone for sponsoring this content. 

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