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SculptICE $1000 Grand Prize Before + After Contest Winner Announcement

SculptICE Body Sculpting Before + After Contest Winner

SculptICE Body Sculpting is proud to announce the winner of their contest that challenged all of their licensed, SculptICE Specialists to show off their work!

Rules For Participation Were…

  1. You have to be a SculptICE Specialist and licensed professional in your state.

  2. Participant models must be at least 18 years of age and must sign release form. 
  3. Participant and models are responsible for all expenses incurred while participating in this contest.

SculptICE Body Sculpting Winner Is……

Erica Garcia of Versatile Body Sculpting is the $1000 Grand Prize Winner! 

She did 5 SculptICE Body Sculpting sessions, once per week, combined with 10 minutes of wood therapy and 10 minutes of ultrasound cavitation. Her client lost a total of 4 inches. 


SculptICE Body Sculpting

We love these ice body treatments.  These treatments are made from clay, essential oils, herbal infusions and other deliciousness.  The blocks are frozen and then used as a tool to sculpt the body.

If you want to learn more about how this incredible treatment works – you can go to SculptICE.com!

Be sure to tell Ania and the team (who are amazing at customer service) that Barry + Jenni From Lipgloss + Aftershave sent you!


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