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Barry’s Teaching A Social Media Class

Savvy Social Media

Presented by
Barry Eichner – Co-Founder, Lipgloss + Aftershave

True U Education, Chicago, IL
October 28th 10 am – 4 pm

Call 312-440-9740 to reserve your spot as space is limited!

Do you hear people say, “You have to do digital media and social media really well to be successful in business?”

Do you get frustrated because you don’t know where to start or what to do? 

Want to learn how to tell your story on all your digital platforms and have it look amazing and not take up a million hours?  

Take the Savvy Social Media Course

In 5 hours you’ll learn how to:


We will use the business analysis that you bring to create a digital marketing calendar, that will be the road map to all your digital activity.

Learn the structure of a good blog article and how to re-use content from your vendors. You don’t have to write everything in it, vendors can help.  

Learn how to create effective email layouts so your readers can easily digest the info.  This is all copy and paste. 

Social Media
Learn how to use the blog content in your social media posts.  This is where the fun begins. 


We’ll spend the final hour of the class creating content that you can use in your blog articles, in your email layouts and your social media posts ALL WITH YOUR SMART PHONE.  

Come Prepared

Bring 2 products/devices that you love that are ready to be photographed

Bring your smartphone

Bring Business Analysis

Your top 5 selling products
Your top 5 selling treatments
Your top 5 holiday for sales
Your favorite/best used digital media platforms.

Gift Bag
There will be presents! 

We have a gift bag that include a cleansing device, cleanser, moisturizer and SPF as a gift for coming to the class.  

Create Amazing Content On Your Smartphone

Yes, we’re offering everyone who attends a gift bag! With product from dmSkincare, Hale & Hush, Alastin and ZAQ!  It’s a great amount of products that makes the price of admission totally worth it! But more than that, you’ll learn how Barry shot this photo on his iPhone 11, edited it on the iPhone and made the flyer in Canva – all on his iPhone in 15 minutes!

You can create content during your work day, with the products, treatments and tools that you have in your environment!

Get empowered to rock your social media!

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