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ACNE: What’s Worse the Inflammation or Redness?

ACNE: What’s Worse the Inflammation or Redness?

We can all agree that dealing with acne at any stage in life can be a challenge. Along with the discomfort, acne affects our client’s personal appearance which for many clients is the most bothersome. The good news is that today, we have multiple products available that will allow YOU, the licensed professional, to take back control of this frustrating issue and help your clients. Let’s dive in and create our road map to success!

M.A.D. Salicylic Cleanser

Salicylic Cleansing Gel

When it comes to an acneic outbreak, which is worse, the inflammation or redness? Is there an answer? Not really. The good thing is inflammation and redness can both be addressed if you take the right approach. M.A.D Skincare’s SALICYLIC CLEANSING GEL is a highly effective first step.

This cleanser is gentle enough to use daily or as needed. Your clients need to cleanse their faces anyway, so why not use something that will jumpstart their acne solution?

Christopher Keuver Headshot

Contribution by Christopher Kuever

​Joining M.A.D Skincare with more than 16 years experience in the esthetics industry, Christopher’s understanding and deep passion for teaching encompasses a unique view of skin, protocol, and product synergistically working together.

Christopher’s career started as an Office Coordinator at a South Florida Medical Spa. During this time, he also finished a degree in Business Administration. It was clear to him esthetics was his passion and so he decided to complete the necessary schooling to become a licensed aesthetician. After years working with clients, experiencing various product lines and modalities, he entered the manufacturer side of the business, honing in on education and spa sales.

Spot Treating Acne

Next, we should be thinking about “spot treating” those active blemishes, to target them at the onset. M.A.D’s ACNE DRYING LOTION 10% SULFUR is an effective first choice to rapidly reduce the size and severity of pimples as well as help conceal blemishes. For those who need a more aggressive spot treatment, M.A.D also has a BLEMISH REPELLING GEL 5% BPO, and an ACNE REVERSING GEL10% BPO available.

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Serums + Moisturizers For Acne

Facial serums and moisturizers are incredibly important for one’s daily routine. Your clients may be interested in using M.A.D’s REDNESS RESCUE SERUM, or DELICATE DAILY MOISTURIZER to address inflammation, redness, and ongoing irritation. BREAKOUT CONTROL DAILY MOISTURIZER is one of M.A.D’s best sellers and will serve as a moisturizer designed to specifically tackle acne.

At-Home Masks For Acne

If your clients already don’t use an at-home skincare face mask, it is important to educate them about investing in this must-have. Face masks can be used once a week for as little as 15 minutes and help to maintain and protect the results of all the hard work with the home care they have already been doing all week. This is a huge opportunity to keep your clients happy! M.A.D Skincare has a SPOT ON ZINC AND SULFUR MASK designed to treat oily, acneic skin. M.A.D also has a DELICATE SKIN CALMING GEL MASK formulated to address redness, irritation, ongoing dryness, and “itchy skin.” Your clients can even wear these overnight to “superboost” their results! They can enjoy one, or both and simply interchange their usage at home, on an as needed basis.

Now that we have identified our tools that will provide the solution to our client’s concerns, we need to give a friendly reminder about one particularly important concept: CONSISTENCY AND REPETITION! Yes, to get the results your clients truly deserve, they must adhere to their daily routines without fail. Let them know to repeat the steps for a reasonable enough amount of time instead of giving up too quickly when you don’t see an “overnight” change.

It is worth it, and your clients will think so too!

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