3 Video Pro Skin Care Training Collection

3 Video Pro Skin Care Training Collection 

Pro Skincare Training is offering all L+A Community members a glimpse behind the curtain! They are offering 3 of their Skin Care Education videos totally FREE!  

You can watch:

  • Understanding Melanogenesis
  • Anatomy of a Pimple
  • The Mighty Fall of The Fibroblasts cell

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About Pro Skin Care Training

At PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE TRAINING, “who we are” often depends on who you ask. For many of our members, we are the one-stop resource for master level skincare education you can’t find anywhere else.  For others, we are the help they may need to get through state licensing exams, a confidence boost to conquer fear and anxiety about certain new services, or one-on-one coaching to help grow your business. 


Through our unique, members-only platform, PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE TRAINING is a library built on a huge range of specific topics, with new content added regularly.  Through succinct videos and downloadable step-by-step guides, you will get answers to questions that you are already asking – from skin care fundamentals to business planning, modalities to chemistry and so very much more!


The question now is simple:   Who will we be for you?