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How To Increase The Volume of Skin – Plumping Products + Devices

Give Clients Plump Skin  for the Holidays

Want to help your clients’ skin look plump and glowing during the holidays? We all know that we need to drink plenty of water, rest, and exercise to help not only our overall health but our skin health too.  Clients may have more stress, partake in a few holiday spirits and attend late-night parties during this time of year. All of those factors can leave the skin lacking in that plump, healthy skin appearance. Sometimes, a little boost beyond the basic skin care service is needed to create additional volume on the skin’s surface.

Here’s where skin care professionals can suggest some products, facials, and tools to help add volume to the skin. Let’s give the clients’ skin a plump appearance and even smooth out fine lines and wrinkles to counteract some of the indulgences or stresses incurred during this time. Share the obvious ideas of staying hydrated, try to relax, and take some deep breaths. Even certain breathing techniques can benefit the skin.

Many clients might mention how dry their skin has become during the holiday season. Transepidermal water loss, or TEWL, is why applying the right products is a crucial step in keeping skin healthy and hydrated. Suggest products with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and niacinamide to immediately plump and hydrate skin.

Pamela Huck

Contribution by Pamela Huck

Pam Huck is the founder of MedSpa Distributors inc. established in 2005. The concept for starting her own distributorship was to not only make sales but help provide and share educational tips to her fellow estheticians to succeed in business. Prior to starting MedSpa Distributors, Pam was the Vice President of a skin care distributorship.  Pam also holds experience as a medical spa director and has retained knowledge from more than 20 + years as a licensed master esthetician. Over the years she has written multiple articles, CE courses, and training manuals on various skin care subjects.  She also provides many lectures and classes on microdermabrasion, microcurrent, and award-winning product brand education.

Moisturizers To Use To Plump Skin

Cholesterol, lipids, ceramides, essential fatty acids, and niacinamide are among some of the best ingredients to look for in back bar and home care products. Look at Lipid Recovery Serum for a product to boost lipids. These ingredients can be used for improving the skin’s protective moisture barrier.  A vital component of healthy-looking skin is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid will decrease the appearance of dryness as it locks in moisture. Ceramides along with glycerine are a specific type of fat or lipid used to help make skin look smooth and bright.

brightening multi-ethnic skin

Ingredients To Use To Plump Skin

Certain peptides are known as collagen boosters and help the body to make its own collagen naturally. Look to the Victoria DéAnn Lift Kit for a great peptide-rich collection. The peptides are designed to tell the body to produce more collagen, one of the major building blocks of the skin. A decrease in collagen causes wrinkle formation and volume loss, and the best way to keep youthful-looking skin is to never lose it. Suggest a great peptide to help the body to build collagen. Vitamins B3, C, and E are the most important antioxidants because of their ability to penetrate the skin due to their small molecular weight. Adding products that help lock in moisture and give a boost to help us produce collagen are key to producing the coveted holiday glow.

Devices To Use To Plump Skin

Devices such as LED, galvanic, and infusers can be used alongside products with the key ingredients to help in moisture retention. You may also want to use microcurrent to help infuse the peptides using the Jeunesse Microcurrent Device. During a professional session consider adding a facial designed to help revitalize, volumize and lift those holiday faces.

9 Step Facial For Plump Skin

1 Cleanse

2 Exfoliate 
These first 2 steps provide a smooth surface on the skin for all the hydrating products to soak into the cells.

3 Use LED for 10 minutes
LED (Light Emitting Diode) delivers low energy to deep skin levels to stimulate collagen and elastin production for firm, tight, and elastic skin. 

4 Apply Products
Peptides, vitamins, stem cell molecules. Add a conductive gel, glycerin, or a bio-cellulose mask.

5 Perform Microcurrent
Microcurrent to lift and penetrate products.
Microcurrent can help stimulate the Adenosine Triphosphate (energy for the cells) and help to deliver products into the skin.

6 Infuse Plumping Ingredients
Use an infusor or oxygen spray with plumping ingredients.
This can give a temporary fill-in/plumping on those fine lines.

7 Massage
Lightly massage the skin with ceramides.

8 Apply a Barrier Repair
Use a barrier repair product or an intense moisturizer product.

9 Finish Sun Protection

After the facial, explain to your clients that using certain products and devices at home can help to keep that volumized, plumping lift. Suggest three home products and devices that they can use when they are not visiting you in the treatment room. Clearly explain how to use the products and devices that you suggest. It’s a win-win when you can increase your retail sales while helping clients to achieve the best results for their skin. Your client showing off their plump and lifted skin as they are out and about will be your billboard for all future clients to see!

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