Originally featured in Skin Inc. May 2015

Organic was the hottest buzzword on the scene at several major skincare and beauty trade shows in 2014.  Organic is not exclusive to skincare and beauty, it’s a hot topic at the grocery store, restaurants, juice bars, even the linen department.  Last year we saw the skincare and beauty industries embrace organic ingredients, organic products and complete organic skincare lines.  They’re now available, in salons, day spas, skincare centers, and beauty retailers.   Everyone is gaga for organic!

“It’s a hot topic…even in the linen department.”

This trend brings with it a wealth of questions that need to be addressed.  How does the skincare customer perceive organic products and services?  What results are customers expecting from organic skincare?  Will organics meet the needs of all sectors of the customer base?  Are organic products being “pushed” to the market or is the market demanding or “pulling” these products?

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Barry Eichner