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3 Step Organic CBD Skin Care Kit

Use Organic CBD Skin Care For Spa-Like Home Care

When you hear, “Organic CBD Skin Care”, you just feel a little healthier, don’t you!  I know when I use organic cbd skin care products, I feel a little better than everyone around me. Ha! I’m kidding, well maybe only a little.  However, there is a certain level of pride that I feel when I know that I’m using really clean skin care!  It’s like I can hear my skin cells, screaming – “Thank You”!

Why CBD Is Great For Skin

“One main benefit of CBD is its anti-inflammatory property. Some of the first hemp infused products to the market (after 2014) were targeted at pain relief, followed by infused massage products. Practitioners, clients and home users may have seen a reduction in inflammation and relief from pain as well and increased skin health.”

Exerpt from our August Advice From Our Experts Column, Going Green With CBD.  

Ella Cressman

Why Are Anti-Inflammatories Good For Skin?

Many brands discuss the anit-inflammatory benefits of the products that they sell.  There has to be a reason why this is a huge talking point in skin care.  The anti-inflammatory benefits can also explain why CBD has exploded over the past few years.  But why all the concern about inflammation?

Inflammation + Your Skin

“Research shows that all aging diseases have one thing in common: inflammation.  The same holds true for your skin. We know inflammation can be caused by UV damage, certain skin care products and skin care treatments, as well as environmental factors.  These factors all play a role in damaging the mitochondria (the power pack of the cell) oxidative stress, shortening of telomeres (the endcaps of chromosomes) and cellular senescense (a cells declining ability to communicate with other cells and ultimately, death). ”

Exerpt from our November Advice From Our Experts Column.

Darcy Debernarde

Reduce Inflammation With Organic CBD Skin Care Kit 

If you have clients who love organic products and enjoy a product line that has benefits from all natural ingredients. Then the 3 Part Beauty System from Moon Mother Hemp Company is an ideal item for them to use at home!  This beauty system will deliver spa-level treatment like results for clients at home.

3 Step Beauty System 

This luxurious, nourishing 3 Step System will cleanse, fortify and hydrate the skin.

Just in time for dry fall air and the holiday season, Moon Mother announces the release of their 3-Step CBD Beauty System, featuring two brand new products.

Made with certified organically grown CBD and the highest quality organic ingredients, their Nourish Face Mask with Manuka Honey, Renew Anti-Aging Eye Serum and Glow Face Serum are the perfect trio to nourish, revitalize and moisturize any skin type.


Manuka Honey Face Mask: Using the power of CBD’s healing properties in combination with powerful natural ingredients like Manuka Honey, Rose and Calendula, this mask is gentle enough to use as a daily cleanser on your skin. The reparative, mineral-rich mask will leave your skin hydrated, exfoliated and glowing while its anti-aging properties make skin appear younger with every application. 


Glow CBD Face Serum: Moisturize and soothe your skin while fighting redness and breakouts with Moon Mother’s luxurious Glow CBD Face Serum. Fatty acids, vitamin E and linoleic acids paired with CBD create the Glow CBD Face Serum that leaves your skin radiant and rejuvenated. It’s perfect for daily use.


Renew Anti-Aging Eye Serum: Moon Mother’s proprietary antioxidant-rich Renew Anti-Aging Eye Serum helps promote collagen production while simultaneously protecting, reviving and nourishing delicate skin. By utilizing CBD’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties, the Renew Eye Serum reduces the appearance of smile lines, puffiness and inflammation.

Organic CBD Skin Care Kit – Is A Great Gift Idea

The 3 Part Beauty System from Moon Mother Hemp Company is beautifully packaged.  Not only are these products incredibly therapeutic for the skin.  They are packed in an adorable gift box, making it the perfect gift for the holidays!   You can give it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday or even to say Thank You to a loved one!

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