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New Skin Care Brand from PFB Vanish

PFB Vanish Announces: PFB.skin

PFB Vanish is launching a new skincare collection, called  PFB.skin! A 4-step, easy to use, system has been designed by PFB founder, Ottmar Stubler. After decades of success with their skin brightening roll on, PFB Vanish + CHROMABRIGHT, PFB Vanish has decided to use their same hyperpigmentation – fighting technology in a professional-only, 4-Step, easy to use skin care system.  

PFB Vanish Launches 1st PFB.skin Product –  Triple AntiOX Serum

Triple AntiOX Serum, the inaugural product, complete with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid in a hyaluronic base is available now for $49, wholesale price.  It has a suggested retail price of $98.

The complete PFB.skin line will debut, summer 2020!

L+A Readers Get VIP Offer From PFB Vanish

PFB Vanish is so excited to introduce Triple AntiOX Serum to the professional skin care community that they are giving Lipgloss + Aftershave readers a VIP Exclusive Offer! 

L+A Reader Exclusive Offer 50% Off Triple AntiOX Serum

PFB Vanish is offering the first 50 Lipgloss + Aftershave readers who are licensed estheticians, (1) one of their new Triple AntiOX Serum at 50% Off wholesale price ($49 – 50% = $24.50)

Call PFB Vanish at 1-877-225-0233 (Monday – Friday 9 – 4 PST)

Phone Orders Only

 Triple AntiOX Serum

“I decided to create PFB.skin in response to the overwhelming, world-wide demand for our PFB Vanish line of brightening body care products which includes, PFB Vanish, the original, PFB Vanish + CHROMABRIGHT, and our recently launched ULTRA, a 4-in-1 treatment product, for brightening and treating ingrown hairs on the body.  We saw the need to address all issues associated hyperpigmentation, not just body.  PFB.skin is the culmination of years of research to find an easy to use, 4-step skin care program, ideal of all skin types, and most importantly, highly effective in brightening skin tone for all fitzpatrick skin tones!” commented Ottmar Stubler, President of PFB Vanish.

Triple AntiOX Serum by PFB.skin uses Ascorbic Acid, Alpha Tocopherol, and Ferulic Acid to provide virtually complete AntiOXidant protection. The sodium hyaluronate base will leave your skin perfectly hydrated.  Skin will be brighter, firmer and show fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

PFB Vanish Features on Lipgloss + Aftershave

We’ve featured many PFB Vanish products in our reviews over the past few years.  They’re featured in our 2020 L+A Ultimate Skin Care Guide.  We also worked with PFB in LA working at the Grammys and Oscars Gift Suites.

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