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HydroPeptide Launches Spray On Sunscreen

HydroPeptide Is Launching 2 New Sunscreens

HydroPeptide is launching 2 new sunscreen products. A spray on, one designed for your hands!

We got the breaking news yesterday when from HydroPeptide Sales Director, Suzy Lang!  She sent us fact sheets on the 2 new products and they are truly remarkable!

We LOVE HydroPeptide’s Sunscreens

Barry used Solar Defense Non-Tined SPF 50 in his 30 Day Challenge of HydroPeptide 

We are also obsessed with HydroPeptide’s Solar Defense Body Sunscreen Spray SPF 30!  There aren’t enough good things to say about it!  Feels great, not greasy, has an amazing scent!  


2 New HydroPeptide Sunscreens

1. HydroPeptide Solar Defense Hand Guard Moisturizing Cream SPF 15

Enriched with collagen boosting peptides! Unscented. Relieves dry skin while reducing fine lines! Niacinamide evens skin tone from free radical damage, while minerals protect the skin!

2. HydroPeptide Solar Defense Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Spray Water Resistant (40 minutes)

Smooth mineral sunscreen spray provides protection from UVA and UVB radiation for both body and face! Aloe and hyaluronic acid help maintain a clear complexion and weightless hydration with a smooth scent free finish!



Join HydroPeptide Webinar To Learn About New Sunscreens

Join Allison Shoemaker, Head of Education to learn more about these new sunscreens!  She will reveal all of the science and technology behind the 2 new sunscreens in HydroPeptides anti-wrinkle Protect Line!  Register Now for February 22, 2021.  9 AM – 10 AM PST.  There will be a raffle!  

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