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How This Miami Esthetician Found Success with DMK

Feature DMK International Esthetician

Nevette Santana was the Esthetician that DMK International selected to be their Winter Feature Esthetician with Lipgloss + Aftershave in 2023!

We love getting to know the estheticians who do well with our brand partners. Learning how they use the product line in treatment helps us learn more and more about the brands we love. We also get to see what’s hot in the industry. These visits are also a great way to stay connected to how estheticians interact with clients and how they are using digital media in their business. 

AESTHETIC BY Nevette Santana

Nevette Santana is a licensed aesthetician with a passion for skin. Having close to 5+ years of industry experience, helping people from all around the world feel confident in their own bare skin. Nevette owns AESTHETIC by Nevette Santa. 

Nevette Santana

Getting to Know AESTHETIC By Nevette Santana

It was a great day! We had the chance to visit Aesthetic by Nevette, and were blown away at the beauty of the space! A meticulously curated space with a beautiful reception area, large retail display, cozy relaxation area, and gorgeous treatment area. Nevette has a team working at Aesthetic including the front desk and additional estheticians. She offers DMK International Skin Revision treatment and Home Prescriptives. 

Nevette Santana

Nevette Santana Performs DMK Skin Revision Treatment.

We brought a model for Nevette to perform a DMK Enzyme 1 Skin Revision treatment and show us her skills! We were able to see the famed Plasmatic Effect as the Enzyme mask hardened which uses reverse osmosis to help draw moisture to the skin’s surface.

Our Interview with Nevette Santana

Q: Where did you go to esthetics school?

A: Beauty Schools of America. It closed down and frankly has no impact on why I’m the esthetician I am today. but hey, I’m licensed.

Q: How long have you been in your current space?

A: 2 years and currently just upgraded and signed a lease for double square footage.

Q: How many people work with you? 

A: I have a team of 4 amazing and talented estheticians.

Q: How did you find out about DMK International

A: About 4 years ago, I had this desire to be DIFFERENT from the rest and bring in a line that was something different to your regular facial treatment, more impactful with overall treatment experience. I noticed someone I followed on Instagram from Australia was utilizing the brand I became invested in finding out more info and 4 years later, I’m one of their top accounts in my area.

Q: What made you choose DMK International?

A: Absolutely everything. If you can truly understand DMK and what it is, how it works, there’s literally no reason for a professional to not want to choose it. Those that get it, get it. Those that don’t, don’t lol

Q: Why do you love using DMK International

A: DMK has been the holy grail answers to successfully treating some of my most stubborn acne clients, Healing my most weakened skin barrier clients, the line itself is extremely versatile and result driven.

Q: How has DMK helped you grow your business? 

A: It’s helped to identify my business and my views on how we treat skin. DMK has helped my business create a community of people who truly CARE about treating the root cause of their skin concerns. It’s attracted clientele that care about the true efficacy of the overall line, not clients who want a simple facial and bye.

Q: What’s your favorite DMK Skin Revision Treatment? 

A:  Alkaline Wash 10/10

Q: What’s your favorite DMK Home Prescriptive? 

A: Revitosin and Nutrascreen color science

Q: What do your clients love about DMK? 

A: barry… what don’t they love?

Q: Do you have any plans for your business’s future? 

A: As I mentioned earlier, we just expanded to a 2,100+ sq ft storefront that will be located on the hollywood beach boulevard. I’m also in the process of launching a new business venture to help estheticians that struggle with scaling their business and creating results to get to do what I do and more importantly, The How.

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