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Spa owner + Skin Care Distributor On Why She Uses NeurotriS Microcurrent On Every Client.

Why She Uses NeurotriS Microcurrent on Every Client


Spa Owner + Skin Care Distributor Uses NeurotriS Microcurrent Exclusively

Liz Munn, an esthetician, spa owner and spa equipment distributor.  Liz has access to every type of microcurrent device through her equipment company, yet she chose NeurotriS microcurrent. We sat down with Liz to find out exactly why she chose NeurotriS.

We agree with Liz! We’ve been featuring NeurotriS for years and most recently have it showcased in our Tech Tool Box!



Neurotris microcurrent

Liz owns SkinPro Studio in Charleston, SC.  It’s a 3 room treatment facility with 5 employees. The spa also doubles as a training facility for the spa equipment sales business.  Liz has been an esthetician for over 13 years.

As an esthetician Liz initially worked for a physician. Then she opened her own business shortly after, named Renew You Skincare.  While running that business she also worked with gloProfessional in 2008 and worked there until her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015.

She ended up leaving to become an independent distributor for many different brands and devices. In 2016 she opened Skin Pro Studio, the brick and mortar location, that started as her training venue. Today SkinPro Studio is a huge part of her business with a great client base.

 Then, in 2020 she created the Facial Guardian. The Facial Guardian is a physical barrier allowing close proximity when social distancing is not an option.

“Engineered barriers” are a commonly used protective device in many industries.  She feels this barrier provides the space to allow for safer treatments without losing the connection estheticians have with their clients.  We connect to people with touch.  Healers have used touch and hands for centuries.   Liz says it is more important now than ever.

The Facial Guardian

Skin Care Treatments At SkinPro Studio

“All of our treatments are combination therapies using different modalities.  We use Environ, Lira Clinical, Hale & Hush, Perfect Derma, and gloProfessional products.  We also custom blend essential oils for clients if necessary.”, Liz. 

Liz’s Relationship with NeurotriS Microcurrent?

“2 years ago, a sales team mate of mine knew Pam Smith, a NeurotriS trainer, after a conversation with Pam, I was convinced!  The rest is history!

I love the fact that I can do facial treatments and body treatments at the same time with one device. The technology is amazing. I bought the SX 4500 All-In-One Face & Body and love using the PICO probes with it, they are so powerful!”, Liz.

neurotris microcurrent

Liz Treats Everything From Acne To Bells Palsy

“My favorite is acne and redness. It is amazing at cystic acne. It is more effective than any other therapy in my opinion. I of course love the lifts and I’ve treated Bells Palsy with it (very successfully).”, Liz.


Liz Munn’s Q+A About NeurotriS Microcurrent

Q: Do you sell packages of NeurotriS treatments?

A: “I do sell packages. However, most of my clients are on a memberships.”

Q: How has NeurotriS helped you in your business?

A: “I can’t imagine not having it. I use it on just about every client for some reason or another.”

Q: Do you sell the PICO Toner for home use?

A: “I have a home/spa program. I start them in the studio and as part of the package they “use” the PICO Toner home unit until the period is over. It’s great for lifts and especially great for acne.”

Q: Would you recommend NeurotriS to an esthetician / spa owner?

A: “It’s funny. I still “sell” lots of  devices but not this one. It doesn’t stop me from talking about it to our customers. I have more pros ask me about microcurrent. I am always happy to refer them to NeurotriS. I can’t imagine not having it. In my opinion, microcurrent is the go to treatment. I combine it with microdermabrasion, infusion treatments (Rezenerate), LED (one of my fav combos!)”

Q: How Has NeurotriS Helped You Grow?

A: “Pam Smith is probably one of the best reps around. She is always willing to strategize with you, give you an answer on a tough client, make recommendations and is always helpful and spot on with her knowledge. Tony is also quick to help you out and give advice.

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