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Microcurrent Seminar: Education & Success

Microcurrent Seminar:  Education & Success with NeurotriS

Learn more about microcurrent and how to sell the service!

Three Seminar Events:

Day 1: NeurotriS Protocol updates and Tips with Gena Costales

Day 2: Understanding Microcurrent with Tony Picciano

Day 2 & 3: Business Development with Cherie Callahan

September 28, 29 & 30th
Don’t miss this powerful educational event!!!

Ready to up your game?  

“Leave your ego at the door and prepare to be inspired”


Success Through Active listening is now an exclusive three-day event that will leave you inspired and empowered to reach your goals impacting your bottom line positively for a successful practice.

Do you have a need to increase your bottom line in all areas of your incremental business? Success Through Active Listening is a hands-on, interactive needs based / sales class that focuses on building customer trust and loyalty, new business sales skills, consultative selling, needs based sales techniques to give you an immediate return on your investment.

Success Through Active listening

Reviews Previous Microcurrent Seminars

Amber Westfall wrote: “Visionary! Impactful! Absolute BESTn training I’ve ever attended. The small group format along with Cherie’s expertise and enthusiasm is unparalled. No one is doing anything like this in the industry. I would highly recommend this seminar to any esthetician”.

Crystal Anderson wrote: “Brilliant, exceptional, inspiring, motivating, game changing! This changes everything! No more losing clients due to rambling or lack of confidence. Totally worth the investment”

Sharon Simpson-Dogon wrote: “Compete and useful! Etheticians can all benefit from this training because it provides a missing link. Very applicable content that’s transferable”

Giseleine Dogon wrote: “Clear, concise, helpful! I’d say that if they’d like to effectively communicate and sell (product and services) they MUST come to this training”

Shawna Wiesner wrote: “I found it to be very valuable – awesome material and instructor”

Andrea Seymour wrote: “I would highly recommend the Success Through Active Listening Seminar!”

Ladan Oneill wrote: “Love you Cherie! Amazing! Life changing! Everyone needs a Cherie in their business – heck in their life!”

Cherie Callahan:

“What makes this a true ‘do’ training is it’s roleplay platform. I pair each person up with one other person for the 2 days, give them a company to represent with features and benefits and then the fun begins! The steps and skills are not ‘learned’ by watching or reading something. It’s all in the ‘do’ and the practice of each step. I realize that travel may be required. But what true business changing thing doesn’t require sacrifice. Think big – your business is going to reach heights never before imagined. It’s worth the time and investment. Ask yourself, ‘do I have a business, or a hobby?’ Business requires investment, courage, willingness to humble oneself in order to learn, and most of all faith in yourself and what you dream for your business. A hobby often times grabs your attention until the next best thing comes along. Therefore, the highs are great but never last. The feeling that comes from building a successful business can’t be measured. Just remember….What you focus on expands – and what you think about you create. Keep your thoughts about possibilities….and then just get up and move forward”




Event Schedule:

September 28th: Gena: Protocol Updates 4:00pm to 8:00pm
September 29th: Tony Understanding Microcurrent 9:30 to 11am
September 29 & 30th: Cherie Business Development.
September 29th from 11am to 5pm
September 30th from 9:30am to 5pm
***Lunch is Provided***

NeurotriS Users Investment: $995.00
NON NeurotriS User Investment: $1750.00
NON NeurotriS attendees that purchase a machine at the event will receive a credit of $750.00.

September 28th Technical & Protocol Update / Demonstrations

Arrive early for an afternoon of technical training and Updates 

September 28th 4pm to 8pm

Meet and Greet Cocktails, Appetizers and FUN!!

Room location will be announced later.

For more info contact Patricia at:  patricia@neurotris.com

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