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May I Suggest That You Wear Sunscreen?

My head explodes whenever I talk to people who say that they don’t wear sunscreen. I mean, not LITERALLY, but brain cells begin to fight for survival.  I’m not kidding, I can actually feel brain cells start to explode in my head. I begin to have blurry vision, I start to sweat, my heart races, and don’t even get me started on what the voices in my head are saying!

I run to Starbucks for a quad shot Grande Americano, in my best Lululemon pants,….

….because, I literally CAN’T EVEN!  I know that’s so #basic!

But seriously, what in the name of God do you people need to hear before you will wear sunscreen?

I mean, skin cancer?  Heard of it? The American Cancer Society says —– AND I QUOTE!  “Ultraviolet (UV) rays are clearly a major cause of melanoma. UV rays can damage the DNA in skin cells. Sometimes this damage affects certain genes that control how skin cells grow and divide. If these genes no longer work properly, the affected cells may become cancer cells……..Most of the gene changes commonly seen in melanoma cells are not inherited. They are more likely the result of damage caused by sunlight!”

And if that’s not enough, try this on for size – you will look older way before you actually have to!  Whenever someone in their 20’s says, “Barry, what should I use on my skin.” I look at them and quickly say, “Sunscreen and Vitamin C, every day!”  In fact, I knew Jenni Nagle and I were destined to be partners, when one day, she said that exact same thing! I was like, “RIGHT!!!!!!”

UVA/UVB ray act like tiny little razor blades to the collagen fibers in your skin.  And don’t even get me started on the dark spots! When you’re in your 20’s you live a life free of consequences.  You can eat anything, stay up all night drinking and partying, not workout, get 2 hours of sleep and BOOM, fresh as a daisy the next day!  Same with not taking care of your skin – you won’t see any consequences until it’s too late! All of a sudden your 35 and crying in the mirror, screaming…..

“What in fresh hell is going on – all of these lines on my face and what are these spots?”

Guess what – it doesn’t get any better!!!!

If you’re out in the sun – no matter what age – and you don’t want big blotches of dark spots on your face and if you don’t want wrinkles and if you don’t want  SKIN CANCER.

May I suggest that you wear sunscreen? This is such an important topic, we’ll be talking about it all summer long – we truly believe that nagging gets the job done!

5 Sunscreens We LOVE


You know Sunscreen saves skin – what’s your best sunscreen?

A light, water-based, paraben-free, oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free Sunscreen Mist which refreshes and soothes the skin, while providing excellent sun protection – SPF 30. SAIAN gentle Sunscreen is perfect for all skin types and especially formulated for acne and sensitive skin. This light and non-comedogenic sunscreen are made especially for the face. It comes in a beautiful and convenient spray bottle for easy and mess-free application. The 2oz bottle is the perfect size for men and women – fits easily in lady’s purse or a gentleman’s pocket. Simply mist on sun-exposed areas as necessary. Perfect to use after laser, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, plastic surgery. Titanium Dioxide provides total physical protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Tinted Mineral SPF 35 Suncream protects, moisturizes and provides a sheer coverage in just one quick step!  It includes titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for excellent physical protection against UVA and UVB rays. It also provides antioxidants and can be used as a daily moisturizer by all skin types. We use a blend of 4 FDA approved mineral pigments to provide superior purity of color and saturation.


Mineral block with buriti oil and zinc oxide.  This deeply moisturizing skin balm contains zinc oxide to create a natural barrier, helping to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Apricot kernel and black cumin seed oils combine with tea tree and active buriti oil to provide additional face care benefits. Apply gently with fingertips to completely cover the skin over the face and neck. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


Our environment requires daily protection with new levels of performance. Award-winning photo stabilizer Solastay® S1 reduces sensitivity issues often associated with UV absorbers. New age antioxidants Lipochroman-6 (TM) and Preventhelia (TM)  prevent damage to DNA proteins caused by UV exposure. This light lotion contains grape stem cell culture extract to enhance photoprotection and delay cell senescence. Fast absorbing with an elegant feel, this is designed for daily use.


The only proven cosmetic measure against premature aging is the use of SPF. Daily eclipse is an SPF 30 broad spectrum UVA-UVB mineral sunscreen, in a silky smooth formula that helps protect skin from photo-aging caused by environmental damage. This unique formulation uses no chemical sunscreen ingredients, but rather features micronized titanium dioxide, zinc and zirconium dioxide in a silky smooth, oil-free formulation. The lotion glides on easily and blends in quickly, without a chalky white or greasy residue. Mild formulation offers non-irritating SPF and free radical protection.

It takes 30 seconds to apply sun protection to your face!  If you’re out in the sun during the day, it’s not a bad idea to re-apply!  It’s that important, it can be a matter of life or death!

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