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The Ultimate Guide To 20 Winning Maskne Treatment Tips

Maskne Treatment Tips From The Professionals

Maskne Treatment Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed

Maskne Treatments?  What?  When we rang in 2020, it was filled with the hopes of an amazing new year in a new decade.  We had no idea what maskne was in January.  The Roaring 20’s were upon us!  Everyone was so excited! That damn Barbara Walters Meme and gify was everywhere, “This is 2020”!

January was great!  February was epic – at least for me (I turned 50!).


The March came….

Full On Pandemic 

When we heard the word Pandemic used on the news to describe the current state of the world and not to describe Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest block buster movie, we had no idea.  Literally, we had no idea that we would be changing the way we interacted socially and sporting the newest accessory, “The Face Mask”.

Then after weeks and weeks of wearing face masks in all sorts of situations and in all sorts of different climates over the course of allergy season and the change of seasons, we were given a new gift.


What the hell is maskne?  

What Is Maskne?

“Mask related acne.  Maskne is really acne mechanica, a type of perioral dermatitis caused by friction. The condition is compounded by warm humid air trapped under the mask. Couple this with the stress of sheltering in place for so long. Plus, if masks are not changed often enough, the accumulation of bacteria on the mask creates the perfect breeding ground for acne break outs.

My only real concern is how to treat it. You can’t use the same aggressive acne treatments that sensitize the skin. The friction will only lead to irritation and chaffing which ultimately causes hyperpigmentation.”

Aliesh Pierece

Founder , AskAliesh.com

Advice On How To Prevent Maskne

The best way to treat maskne is to prevent maskne.  If you are looking for advice on how to prevent maskne, we have you covered.  We love Spa Girl Nicole, she has 7 Expert Tips To Preventing Maskne, that include using high quality skin care products AND seeking the advice and services of skin care professionals. 

There’s an old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. However, even the best intentions in an attempt to prevent maskne can fail. 

We Consulted The Experts To Create The Ultimate Maskne Treatment Guide

We reached out to skin care product manufacturers, product formulators, skincare educators and skin care experts for maskne treatment tips.  We were so blown away by the response! 

We realized we had the ultimate maskne treatment guide that included:

  • Maskne Treatments Protocols For Estheticians To Use In Treatment
  • Maskne Treatment Products For Home Care
  • Maskne Treatment Tools +Devices!  

2 Maskne Treatments For Estheticans To Use In Treatment

Mask Relief Facial

1. The Spa at The Edgewater created The Mask Relief Facial featuring Circadia.  The treatment includes Circadia’s Caviar Lime + Passion Fruit Mask.  The spa also includes several Circadia home care products in the price of the facial for the client to use in their home care.

maskne treatment

Organic Relief

2. If you’d like to offer clients a totally organic option as a maskne treatment, you’re in luck.  One of the brands that we’ve talked about a lot is Shir-Organics.  They have created an entire facial protocol that is made of their 100% certified organic skin care!

Complete Maskne Treatment For Home Care

3. The founder of Immunocologie was one of the first on the skin care scene to react with a maskne treatment. Karen Ballou, Founder of Immunocologie, a clean, plant and mineral based skin care line, has created a 4 step home care routine as a maskne treatment.  This will take the guess work out of, “how to” for so many spa clients.

2 New Product Collections For Covid-19

Two brands have reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic with complete collections of products. While these products are not all intended to as maskne treatments, each contain products that work in conjunction with the 7 Tips Expert Tips To Preventing Maskne, as well as an honorable mention for calming the skin.

Covid-19 Kits

4 Sesha has the Bio-Barrier Collection that offers a surface spray to kill germs, that they recommend for the face mask and a calming facial serum.

5 KM Herbals offers an all-natural and organic option to dealing with Covid-19 with their Aroma Wellness Kit and a Facial Mask Mist.


maskne treatments

9 Maskne Treatment Skin Care Products

6.  One of most effective methods to ensure a deep cleaning is to perform a pre-cleanse.  The Rooted Queen Daily Pre-Cleansing Oil is an excellent, botanical filled option to ensure that all surface debris is being whisked away.

7. Then a double cleanse can be performed with the Skin Recovery Science Anhydrous Cleanser from MedSpa Distributors. This cleanser is fragrance free, soap free and free of all harsh chemicals. 

8. Herbal Skin Solutions has the  Hydrating Mist with Chamomile & Lavender. This is ideal to use after you cleanse.

PRO TIP:  Barry uses this after he takes off his mask when returning home and then wipes off with a cotton round.  Helps to pull off any bacteria. 

9.  Clients can do a mini facial at home or you can include M.A.D Skincare’s Spot On Zinc Sulfur Mask into your maskne treatment in the treatment room.  This mask will pull out all the yuck and the gunk that can cause the nasty breakouts!  

10.  Help repair the lipid barrier with dmSkincare’s Aragan Boost Serum, a lipid barrier replacement that incorporates natural and organic ingredients specially chosen for ultra-sensitive skin. Argan oil, squalane and jojoba mimic the skin’s own oils to protect the barrier.

11. Clear out those pores with BiON Follicle Clearing Lotion.  Its ability to keep follicles clear and its anti-inflammatory benefits also make it an essential maskne treatment. 

12. Double Duty Moisturizer from Hale & Hush!  When you want to calm the skin – you go to Hale & Hush – PERIOD! The Hush Hydrate Gel  & Relief Bio Powder have become the universal calming duo!  

13. Got A Spot?  Knock out blemish spots with Lira Clinical – Refining Masque, as a go-to overnight spot treatment!  Calm skin and manage acne with a combination of Salicylic Acid, Mastiha, and Plant Stem Cells.

14.  Always us SPF!  Universal Companies offers Exuviance – Sheer Refining Fluid SPF 40.  Get SPF protection and a boost of antioxidants.  

3 Soothing Agents For Irriated Skin

 15. Repêchage® Red-Out® Soothing Sheet Mask helps to reduce the appearance of redness caused by the environment and stress.

16. Nature Pure – Botanicort Complex with Organic Pure Hemp Seed Oil will  alleviate skin irritation, dryness, and itching associated with minor skin irritations associated with maskne.

17. SculptICE Sensitive Skin Facial the ICE will calm and cool the skin.  It has soothing botanicals and Tea Tree oil to help fight against bacteria.  

maskne treatment

3 Go-To Tools

18. Drain that lymph!  Use OctoVie Facial Skin Brush on a regular basis to help reduce inflammation with lymphatic drainage, improve blood flow and give the skin gentle exfoliation.

19. Give the skin a gentle exfoliation with every cleanse with the Queen’s Cloth!  This unique mit fits on your hand and allows you to gently whisk away dirt, debris and excess oil from the skin!

20. MYSKINBUDDY + MYSKINBARRIER do double duty as a maskne treatment.  The MYSKINBARRIER is a silicone mask is easy to clean on a regular basis to prevent bacteria build up and MYSKINBUDDY will infuse your calming ingredients into your skin with some BLUE OR GREEN LED light therapy!

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