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L+A Report – Our Review of Lira Clinical All-New PRO Retinal-Plus Treatment

We’ve done several Lira Clinical reviews, but we were really honored when Lira Clinical reached out to us this past fall with some huge news!  The team at Lira Clinical, Metaxia, Francine, Anna and Brenda told us that they were launching a new product that would blow us away. At first, they wouldn’t even tell us what it was, they were teasing us!

Then in October, they told us that it was an all-new Retinal that would really impress us and Metaxia said, “Would you do one of your Lira Clinical reviews on our new product when we release it at the end of 2021?”

We of course – jumped at the chance to do a Lira Clinical review on something brand new that was being positioned as ground-breaking by this incredible brand!

L+A Report: Lira Clinical Reviews – PRO Retinal-Plus Treatment  

Don’t call it Retinol, because you would be wrong – oh so wrong! Don’t even call it a moisturizer, because you would be underestimating the effectiveness of this all-new treatment crème from Lira Clinical. The all-new PRO Retinal-Plus Treatment takes the fight against aging skin to a whole new level, it’s Retinal Reimagined.

PRO Retinal-Plus Treatment Is A Triple Threat

This product makes it a pleasure to add to our list of Lira Clinical Reviews. The genius of this product is in the patented Hydroxysome® delivery system.

Upon application, it functions in essence as a “patchless patch” to implement and facilitate enhanced uptake by the skin, and to release high yield active…” Dermaldelivery.com

This all-new retinal uses an advanced formulation that delivers stabilized retinaldehyde, a form of retinal, deep into the layers of the skin.


Lira Clinical Reviews

The new PRO Retinal-Plus Treatment is a triple threat in the fight against aging skin because of 3 specific ingredients. 

1 Hydroxysome® Adenosine
This is a complex of two bioactives (calcium and adenosine) that stimulate the skin offsetting the effects of aging. Calcium plays an important role in the production of intracellular lipids that maintain barrier function while adenosine increases cellular energy, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

2 Hydroxysome® Retinaldeyde
Now stable retinaldehyde and calcium are delivered into the epidermis, initiating tightening and brightening of the skin.

3 Hydroxysome® Resveratrol
Round out the triple threat as this crème delivers bioactive and bioavailable super antioxidant and anti-inflammatory value into the epidermis.

Jenni + Barry’s Lira Clinical Reviews

We’ve done many Lira Clinical Reviews so we really know the brand. We really loved this product.

“I love the airless pump, to make sure the product maintains its potency. The crème is rich and velvety – yet feels light, almost like a lotion. It has a beautiful aroma and sinks into the skin without leaving the skin feeling greasy or heavy.

Brenda recommended to me that I use it every other day to start to ensure that my skin tolerated it well. After using it for a few days my skin appeared more hydrated and radiant. It’s a winner in my book.”  Barry


“As the Northeast temperatures cool down, my combination-oily skin starts to need a bit more of a hydration boost in December.  I’ve started using this product 3x week at night, have yet to experience any flakiness or sensitivity (I will attribute that to the Retinal formula!), and love the velvety texture of the product. This will become a winter staple for me!” Jenni

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