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4 PRO Secrets To Treating Cellulite

Can Lipo Drops really treat cellulite? I’ll explain – but first, let’s get an understanding of cellulite.

Cellulite is a fact for every woman. About 85% of women older than 30+ are struggling with cellulite. But what exactly is cellulite? Is that lumpy, dimpled look in our skin; those bumps are fat cells pushing against connective tissue, it’s not harmful but certainly it doesn’t look pretty!

Why do we get cellulite?

Is not known exactly why we get cellulite; there are many factors that cause cellulite, such as: slow metabolism, hormonal changes, volume or percentage of adipose tissue, lack of exercise, dehydration, retention of water, to mention a few….

Ania Botero SctulptICE

Contribution by Ania Botero

Ania Botero is the founder and creator of Sculptice®. A non-invasive and organic product that promotes induced cold thermogenesis.

Ania is an innovator in body treatments and has been recognized as a the pioneer and educator on ice therapy and wood therapy in the states. She is an experienced massage therapist and electrologist, with an impressive experience in skincare.

3 Different Types of a Cellulite

It is crucial to understand the different types of cellulites before you begin any treatment.

1 Soft Cellulite
You must pinch the skin to see it.

2 Hard Cellulite
You can see “orange peel” look pinched or not pinched.

3 Edematous Cellulite
Hardest cellulite to work on, not only has a spongy look but can be painful because this type of cellulite is associated with poor circulation, spider and varicose veins, and retention of water.

How can they be treated?

There are some medical treatments to approach cellulite, but these can be expensive and invasive.

At-Home Cellulite Treatments

lipo drops

The best way to improve your cellulite appearance is to treat it at least twice a week for 10 minutes at home.  These treatments will give you fabulous soft and toned skin!

1 Lipo Drops

The Lipo Drainer Drops are amazing homeopathic drops to eliminate retention of water, promote weight loss and kill cravings. This natural supplement will support the body’s ability to increase your metabolism and helps burn calories, promotes optimal lymphatic drainage, and decreases abdominal inflammation.

2 Anti-Cellulite Gel 

Adding the SculptICE® AntiCellulite Gels to your home care along with the lipo drops is the perfect blend of essential oils, aloe, and other natural ingredients to promote cold induce thermogenesis; to burn calories and improve cellulite appearance. USE: Twice a day for 21+ days.

3 The Mushroom 

The Mushroom tool is a must! You can use this while taking the lipo drops! It’s designed to release the pressure between the fascia, connective tissue, and fat cells to improve the appearance of cellulite. Super easy to use; circular motions and zigzag with a medium pressure are all you need! Among other benefits, it activates circulation and the lymphatic system. The Mushroom is the dark purple tool on the right in the image.

lipo drops

4 SculptICE® Coffee Body Ice 

Everyone’s favorite anticellulite ice. Use the lipo drops with this amazing Coffee Body Ice, it has the perfect ingredients to promote thermogenesis, tone the skin, and improve cellulite appearance from the first application. Activates lymphatic system and shrinks fat cells.

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