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5 Top Lip Plumping Treatments

Quick + Easy Add-In Lip Plumping Treatments

Lip plumping treatments are great ways to add on extra revenue to any facial. You can also combine them with the sale of retail products for clients to use at home to help improve the appearance of the lips.

The number one issue as we age with the lips are the vertical lines that happen at the edge of the lip. These can cause lipstick and lipgloss to bleed onto the face.  You can help clients by recommending home care products and offer quick and easy add-in services to help build collagen in that area.

Another easy correction for that area is to have a small line of dermal filler injected at the edge of the lip.  If you are in a medial spa or refer to a medial spa – this is a great option.  You can also combine these lip plumping treatments with that suggestion. 

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5 Top Lip Plumping Treatments That Work

1.  NeurotriS

Nothing offers better lip plumping action than microcurrent. The new Infinity Treatment Probes from NeurotriS deliver dynamic microcurrent to the lips to improve tone, firmness and hydration in the delicate tissue surrounding the lip area!

You can do NeurotriS lip plumping treatments as part of your complete NeurotriS full-face treatment or you can just do a lip add-in treatment to any facial for a small up charge.  Either way, these treatments will breathe a whole new life into your clients lips!

lip plumping treatment

2.  HydroPeptide – Lip Plumping Gloss

These glosses are a lip plumping treatment. Maximize the volume from all of your lip plumping treatments with the ultimate finishing touch.  The Lip Perfecting Glosses from HydroPeptide contain plumping and warming peptides along with stimulating Niacin to give you the fullest lips possible!

Seriously. A must-have for your makeup bag. Not only does this luminous gloss add instant volume with Niacin and warming peptides, it intensely hydrates with hyaluronic acid, helping to reduce the look of those pesky lip lines. Choose from 5 gorgeous lip colors.

This product is cruelty free and does not contain any gluten, parabens, phthalates or sulfates.

lip plumping treatment

3.  Hale & Hush / MYSKINBUDDY 

This duo brand treatment is one we’ve loved for years.  The science of ultrasonic vibration, heat and positive ionic technology in MYSKINBUDDY will stimulate plumping action in the lips.  Leverage the MYSKINBUDDY science with the Hale & Hush Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum has gained such notoriety because of the superior ingredient technology.  Rather than focus on plumping the skin with traditional ingredients, it enhances lipid levels and barrier function by replenishing cholesterol.  Brilliant Eye & Lip also includes a highly effective antioxidant that provides superior cellular protection for mitochondria and DNA.

lip plumping treatment

It’s not a replacement for injections, but the lines were smoothed out and my lips felt amazing!


4.  SilcSkin Facial Multi-Area Pads 

Help your clients sleep their way to plumper, fuller lips!  These pads are designed to correct and prevent wrinkles on the Face. Specifically wrinkles around the eyes, brow and mouth. SilcSkin Multi-Area pads are composed of 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Pressure provided by the pads when worn improves the irregular collagen structure and also creates an increased blood flow.

lip plumping treatment

5.  MedSpa Dist DiamondTome Microdermabrasion

MedSpa Distributors offers DiamondTome Microdermabrasion.  DiamondTome has an assortment of different sized hand pieces that you can use to help resurface the skin around the lips.  This will help improve tone and firmness.  You can include this in a microdermabrasion facial or do an add-in treatment.  

The vacuum massage with microdermabrasion also helps to stimulate the production of collagen.  



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