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Leverage Tech Treatments to Maximize Aging Beautifully Results

Leverage Tech Treatments To Maximize Aging Beautifully Results

Be a Smart + Savvy Esthetician!

Helping clients age beautifully is a huge business that can bring strong sales to any skin care business.

Join us for this webisode and we will show you how you can improve your sales by “Tens of Thousands of Dollars” a month if you use computerized skin analysis in your intake and then showcase some of the more advanced tech treatments such as cryo/thermal facials from STAR Face; product infusion with Rezenerate; skin rejuvenation with Alpha Jewel Peel from ClearChoice® and finally providing the rapid, renewing healing of Maskād after all your aggressive treatments.

This webisode is NOT to be missed!

We have experts from 5 skin care companies with us to showcase how you can use their technology in your business – each expert will show you how their specific technology will be a step in the overall treatment plan of a client that you are working to help age beautifully as they enjoy living their best life!

Barry and Jenni will share their experience working in spas that used similar technology. They will explain how you can maximize every client’s in-take to ensure that you are able to bring in thousands more dollars every day by selling a series of treatments that will help clients age beautifully and increase your retail sales of home care products and devices.

VISIA® Skin Analysis – Canfield Scientific
STAR Face – Skin Science Solutions
Rezenerate NanoFacial
Alpha Jewel Peel – ClearChoice®
Maskād – WeThrivv

Join us on May 16th at 2 PM EST for this special 90 Minute Webisode.

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