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Botanicals for Boys

Men’s skin is very different from women’s skin. It’s about 20% thicker. As men, we tend to hold oils and collagen longer than women and we need lots of hydration. This dialogue about Botanicals for Boys is a way to bring awareness to what men need for their skin. Botanicals are plant-based and anti-microbial, so plants like Chamomile, Calendula flower, and Hamamelis Bark help to heal many of the most common skin issues for men, like razor bumps, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory diseases. Men respond very well to things that are natural. It’s especially disarming when it comes to skin products because they don’t fear it as much when it hasn’t been altered.

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Lashelle Ullie

“I make people look good to help them feel good! My name is Lashelle Ullie, and I have 20 years in the beauty industry. As a brow specialist and licensed esthetician many of my clients are women, however men are starting to understand the effectiveness of self care. So what better time to talk about botanicals and skin care routines for the average man.”

Recently featured in RollingStone.com, Lashelle Ullie is a Los Angeles-based licensed esthetician who specializes in men’s skin health and brow grooming. Prior to opening his first skin care atelier in February 2020 in Beverly Hills, Lashelle worked at the renowned Damone Roberts Salon, where he made a name for himself as an expert eyebrow artist, facialist, and makeup artist. His clients have included Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Toni Braxton, Pat Cleveland, Robi Reed, Emma Watson, Johnny Galecki, Toni Collette, Travis Winkle, and other entertainment insiders and celebrities.

Lashelle began his beauty career in the department store world, where he went from working in the Estee Lauder stockroom to the cosmetics counter and eventually made his way to the West Coast. With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Lashelle has worked in cosmetics and product development for Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Neiman Marcus, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, MAC Cosmetics, and other luxury brands and department stores.

At times men get caught up in the demands of life and forget to take care of their skin since it isn’t a part of their daily routine. Having a skin care regimen will build up the integrity, strength, and resilience of the skin. Washing, toning to balance PH, and moisturizing is skin health/prevention at the ground level. Something to remember is that everything shows up on your face, like stress, diet, and health issues. Most men don’t realize the need for skin care until they are seeing the effects of not caring for it properly.

DermaJEM inflammation of the skin

To the men that want to adopt a routine, it’s important to understand that the results can take 6-8 weeks. Use this time to connect with yourself and commit to a new relationship with the idea of “process.” Using good botanical products is not an expedited venture; they have more sustainability and last longer, so slow down and enjoy the journey and what it has to teach you. This gives you time to assess your skin changing, which can happen with the transitioning of seasons; you should have 2 skin care routines, one for spring/summer and fall/winter. Changes to skin can also be specific to each person, as with dry skin you may need a product with a bit of nourishment, with flakey skin you need something water based, and with oily skin you will need a product that can control oil. A resource that can help men understand their skin and its reactions is a good esthetician. They are professionals that have studied the skin and can teach you about your skin while they are working with you.

For the men who are getting started, there are 3 products I suggest; an exfoliator to clean off the dead skin and to help with the penetration of any other product, a gel-based or detoxification mask is good for nourishing the skin after shaving, and serums. I am HUGE on serums; the biggest payoff for products that contain botanicals are in serums! Also, some common herbs that help promote healthy skin are Oregano, Tea Tree, Honeysuckle, and Turmeric. It’s about maintaining a lot of the oils and collagen that I spoke of in the beginning.

3 Professional Lines That I Love

Global Skincare Solutions for more melanated skin types.

Le Mieux Skincare uses a lot of marine biology botanicals and this covers most people. I also use this line for my oncology-based clients because the botanicals are gentler and soothing.

GM Revolution is great for those clients with more inflammation in the skin.

Throughout my service to skin care I have specialized in working with men of all colors, so I understand the function of melanated skin and non-melanated skin. That specialization includes CIS and trans men as they may go through hormonal changes, and certain botanicals are gentler in the process of changing the skin(thickening the collagen) and giving it a different texture. Guys, now that you have some vital information and understanding that everything shows up on your skin, I hope these tips help you look good and feel good.

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