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This Nurse Loves – Jeuveau  An All-New Neuromodulator

I’ve been an aesthetic nurse for 11 years. I currently work at Bucky Plastic Surgery. Prior to that, I was at the University of Pennsylvania where I specialized in surgical and cosmetic dermatology for 8 years. I received my BA in Psychology and then went on to receive my Nursing degree as well as becoming a certified aesthetic nurse specialist. So you could say I’ve done my share of injections. 

I was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Lipgloss + Aftershave! I love the all-new Jeuveau neurotoxin and was thrilled to be able to provide services to Jenni so she could compare it with her past experience with other neurotoxins.

Jenni Nagle On Why She Wants Jeuveau

“When something new comes on the market, you can always count on us to do our research on the product and check it out!  We were recently introduced to Jeuveau, an all-new neuromodulator on the market. 

Over the past 5 years, I have had injections a few times to soften the lines in my forehead, between my eyebrows, and most recently, prevent crows feet from forming.  It had been over a year and a half since my last appointment; I wasn’t avoiding the injections, the lines just weren’t bothering me.”  Jenni Nagle. 

“If you want to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) – check out Jeuveau.” 


The Biggest Difference With Jeuveau Vs Other Injectables?

There are two differences compared to the other neurotoxins I’ve noticed when treating with Jeuveau. The first being the onset of the product is quicker than with some of the other neurotoxins on the market. Some patients state seeing less movement in as little as one day. If a patient comes in for a last minute treatment prior to an event, I will reach for Jeuveau as I know they will start to see its effects sooner. I’ve also noticed my patients being treated with Jeuveau, while left looking smooth, still have soft movement to the treated areas creating a natural looking result.

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The Ideal Jeuveau Patient

The ideal candidate for Jeuveau is anyone interested in improving the appearance of moderate to severe facial lines and taking years off their appearance. Jeuveau is also the perfect neurotoxin for rejuvenation-targeting our millennial and gen z patients. These are the patients who want to stop the dynamic (at movement) lines before those lines become static (at rest). As long as expectations on achievable results are set, any gender, race, and ethnicity can be treated.  

Jeuveau Results Vs Others 

When it comes to results, Jeuveau does not differ from the other neurotoxins. As long as it is dosed and administered correctly it will work in a similar way as botox/dysport/xeomin/daxxify. When I choose Jeuveau for my patients I know I will deliver results that are natural and leave them looking and feeling lifted, awake, refreshed, and more confident about their appearance. Optimal results are provider based so ensure you see an injector that understands the art of injections and the science behind the product. 


Post Jeuveau Home Care Recommendations 

Having a background in dermatology for 8 years, prior to plastics, I know how important skin health is. Any patient that sits in my chair receives a full facial assessment which includes all injectable and at home skin care options they can benefit from. I also recommend that all my patients see one of our estheticians so they can receive multimodality treatments to achieve their best results. 

A skincare regimen can be overwhelming and needs to be streamlined and simple. I will tailor at home skin care based on the patients’ specific concerns and skin type, from the products we offer at Bucky Plastic Surgery. Any patient that hesitates to leave without skincare, is encouraged to be consistent with sun protection. Patients constantly in the sun without sun protection will break down collagen faster. I tell patients “you are wasting your money on injectables if you don’t follow through with at least sun protection”.

Professional Skincare And The Longevity Of Jeuveau

As we age collagen is depleted and the skin starts thinning, facial fat pads are diminishing and gravitational changes are taking place. With injectables we are trying to restore youth whether it be through neurotoxins to relax or dermal fillers to plump. However, this isn’t going to stop the aging process. Therefore we need a daily defense with skincare to help stimulate that collagen growth and protect against aging factors. The main products playing a role in this would be sunscreen, a retinol cream, and a moisturizer. Sunscreen will help protect collagen breakdown and a retinol will help stimulate collagen growth. Lastly, using a quality moisturizer will keep skin looking hydrated and youthful. That’s why choosing skincare ingredients that stimulate collagen production and protect your skin from free radicals and UV rays will aid in promoting longevity of injectable results. 


Contribution by Gina Berger

Gina Berger is a nurse injector and clinical nurse at Bucky Plastic Surgery. Gina joined the practice from the University of Pennsylvania where she specialized in surgical and cosmetic dermatology 8 years prior. Gina received her BA in Psychology and then went on to receive her degree in Nursing as well as becoming a certified aesthetic nurse specialist. 

From the start of her career she knew her passion was in aesthetic nursing because of the artistic outlet it offers. Her prior experience in cosmetic and dermatologic surgery has helped her develop knowledge in facial anatomy and skin health. Gina seeks to truly get to know her patients so she can take a holistic approach to their care. She wants to make every patient feel understood, comfortable, and informed prior to treatment. As a strong patient advocate, she talks to each patient through their treatment options and is committed to ensuring they understand how each option will help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Gina understands the impact appearance has on the entire well being. Her favorite part about the job is having a role in bringing out each patient’s inner confidence. Gina is currently living in Philadelphia and other passions include environmental conservation and her two pups. 

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