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Skin Care Expert Talks About NeurotriS

Why She Loves NeurotriS


Expert Esthetician Wins With NeurotriS In Quarantine 

Jane Mann is an expert esthetician of more than 20 years.  She’s based in Las Vegas, NV and has been a NeurotriS user since we introduced our first system. 

We agree with Jane! We’ve been featuring NeurotriS for years and most recently have it showcased in our Tech Tool Box!  




Jane Sold NeurotriS In Quarantine

Jane was one of NeurotriS’s first customers many years ago. The first NeurotriS system that she used was The PICO Toner Home System. She was so impressed with the PICO Toner home system.  She told us, “The results I have seen with his home unit rival many professional units on the market.” 

It was Jane’s confidence in the PICO Toner Home system that helped her earn thousands of dollars in sales during quarantine.  Jane told us, “During the quarantine, I sent a lot of Pico Toner units to clients to do microcurrent online with me.”


Jane Added NeurotriS Systems To Her Business

While Jane started with the PICO Toner, she has added the Pico Wave Dynamic Facial System  and SX-3800 4 Channel Facial System  to her skin care practice.  


Jane Mann’s Q+A About NeurotriS

Q:  What is unique about NeurotriS over other microcurrent?

A: “NeurotriS uses algorithmic sequencing or Dynamic Intelligence instead of frequencies.  The algorithm creates the consistent flow of current that is able to reach targeted areas in a shorter amount of time.  

Q: Why is NeurotriS Dynamic Intelligence important?

A: “Neurotris is a cutting edge microcurrent device that enables the current to navigate the resistance of the skin by utilizing a patented system called Dynamic Intelligence.  Think of dynamic intelligence as a “thinking waveform” that is able to negotiate impedance by increasing or decreasing signal integrity where resistance is high or low. This is important because each client comes in with a different set of circumstances.  Some may have had prior surgeries, others may have gortex implants, others oily skin and  dehydrated, restricted fascia.  But in any case – a one size fits all microcurrent device does not provide superior results.

While the dynamic intelligence is feeding the operator information,  it is important that the therapist knows how to read what the impedance numbers are telling them.  NeurotriS has an excellent training program that provides a successful launching of a new treatment modality, but also offers many other complimentary trainings.  It is the goal of NeurotriS, that each practitioner feels confident they can achieve the results promised to clients.

Q: What is it about Dynamic Microcurrent that you love so much?  

A: “For me what that means is I am able to run the current through my fingertips and keep the integrity and consistent flow of microcurrent to assist in releasing fascia.  The results I have seen with his home unit, rival many professional units on the market.  I am always pleased to refer clients to purchase his home machine.  The professional unit creates changes I have never seen with microcurrent.  I always say “microcurrent works – if you work it.”

Q: What skin conditions do you treat with NeurotriS  

A: “Skin conditions vary, however, I use the program “tone” on the SX-3800 a lot after extractions and for Rosacea.  I introduce first timers to NeurotriS, by using the “auto build” on the Pico Wave. It always sells clients on a service!  During the quarantine, I’ve been sending a lot of Pico Toner units to clients to do microcurrent online with me.

Q: How has Dynamic Microcurrent helped your business? 

A: “I think anything you believe in and are passionate about makes you enthusiastic to introduce it to your clients.  NeurotriS’s proprietary dynamic intelligence is a game changer in our industry that makes me want to talk about microcurrent to every client.  That has created the same enthusiasm in my clients, which ultimately leads to success both in skin results and bottom line! 


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