Invite L+A For Spa Visit


We LOVE getting facails! Well, any spa treatment treatment!  

We’d love to feature your spa!

We travel a lot throughout the country and love to visit the skin care practices, day spas, and medical spas that are owned by the members of the Lipgloss + Aftershave community.  We’d love to come and try 1 or 2  treatments, so we can share our experience with our blog readers and our social media community.  If you’d like us to come and document the experience, we ask that help us by keep our costs down, and give us a complimentary treatment.  We also ask that you allow us to ask a lot of questions and take a ton of selfies during the treatment!  We’re gonna want to go live from your lobby, we hope that’s ok too!  

Our readers love learning how other skin care pro’s do things – and we love sharing our experiences. 

If you’d like to have us, fill out the form below.  

Requesting A Spa Visit

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