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Recap of 2021 Florida IECSC

Recap of IECSC Florida 2021

We had an amazing time at the IECSC Florida 2021! The new location in West Palm Beach is spectacular! It was so easy to get to because it’s right off of 95! The Palm Beach County Convention Center is located in the most beautiful section of the city! The Hilton Hotel that is connected to the Convention Center is amazing!

There were many amazing restaurants within walking distance of the convention center.  Jenni and I had an amazing dinner at RH Gallery’s rooftop restaurant! The area also has a vibrant shopping district nearby!  We loved the location.

IECSC Florida 2021 Photo Gallery

As always we took tons of photos of the event so even if you’re not there, you can feel like you’re there! See the full gallery here.

New Brands We Met At IECSC Florida 

One of our favorite reasons to cover the IECSC is to go and source new and interesting brands to showcase! It’s where we find some of the most incredible niche skin care, body care, hair removal, and devices!

We met so many new brands such as WU Aesthetics, Azure Botanics, PH Secrets, Dehaz Apothecary Skincare, Free + True Skincare, and Sweet + True Sugaring Co. 

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We Were Roving Reporters For IECSC!

We interviewed many of the brands that you all know and love and got some inside scoop on new products being released!

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