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How To Treat Acne + Aging Skin with Dr Mark Lees

Special 3-Day Intensive Session: Skin Care Beyond The Basics, The Mark Lees Methods

How To Treat Acne, Congested, Aging  and Sensitive Skin in an Intensive seminar on Analysis and More!!

Come spend 3 days learning skin care from the masters!

Join renowned skin care expert Dr. Mark Lees and National Educator Kyle Mull, L.E. for a special 3-day experience at the Mark Lees Skin Care Training Center in Pensacola, Florida! Limited Enrollment!

Intensive seminars on Analysis, Acne & Congestion, Aging Treatment, Sensitive/Reactive Skin & More!!

In order to help someone to “age beautifully” or to treat a client’s acne, you need to learn how to create a long-term treatment plan!

Dr Mark Lees

A Rare Opportunity To Learn Skin Care Beyond The Basics, The Mark Lees Methods

You can learn how to treat Acne & Congestion, Aging Skin, Sensitive/Reactive Skin & more  with Dr Mark Lees his rare 3-day session, Skin Care Beyond The Basics. Dr Lees will show you how to use long-term treatment plans to achieve incredible results for your clients.  Join Mark Lees for this special 3-Day intensive seminar.


Build your skills from a trusted industry leader who:

  • Holds a PhD in Health Sciences 100% 100%
  • Is an author of three books on skincare 100% 100%
  • Owns an award-winning day spa 100% 100%
  • Is a respected CIDESCO educator 100% 100%
  • Has won multiple skincare industry awards 100% 100%
  • Is go to source for many national magazines on skincare issues 100% 100%

Meet Kyle Mull, LE

Mark will be joined by his National Educator Kyle Mull, LE, who will showcase successful case studies from those who have participated in Dr Lee’s Clearing Concepts Program!

What You Can Expect To Learn in Skin Care Beyond The Basics, The Mark Lees Methods

  • The overall concepts of treating skin.
  • Long-term treatment plans to help ensure that you are correcting skin over time.
  • How to create a treatment plan for clients who have severe skin conditions.
  • A deeper understanding of skin anatomy and skin physiology.
  • How skin functions and what happens to skin with every treatment and the application of every product.
  • You will learn how to get your client has to participate with home care and skincare treatments.
  • Dr Lees will share many successful case studies and real-world concepts in treating clogged-congested and acne-prone skin.
  • Watch live treatment demonstrations.
  • Receive an update on combining ingredients for both “birthday” aging and sun-damaged skin and see many case studies in corrective aging skin care.

January 26 – 28, 2019

$895 Registration Fee Includes

All Handout Material


Continental Breakfast all 3 Days

Lunch all 3 Days

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Special Pricing on Kits & Books

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Exclusive discounts Dr. Lees’ books

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And some surprises!!!

Get a sneak peek of Dr. Mark Lees classes! Watch the webinar: Exfoliating with AHAs now.

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