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6 Eye-Opening Facts Why Honeybutter Works On Compromised Skin

Blossom Essentials Asked Us To Review Their Honeybutter


Curious About Our Honeybutter Review?

We’ve been doing this Honeybutter review for the past month or so.  You’ve probably seen Blossom Essentials Honeybutter in a few of our articles recently, it’s even been nominated for a 2020 L+A Favs Award in the Save The Compromised Skin category.  So, you get the idea that we’re on board with honeybutter, but do you know all the reasons why we’re crazy about it!



honeybutter review

6 Facts We Found Doing Our Honeybutter Review

First, this salve is luscious!  Straight up, delicious!  Smooth, creamy, and rich – literally feels like velvet. It smells beyond amazing and feels so luxe + creamy on your skin that you just want to use it!

If you’re a skeptic – we love that – and we dare you to come for us!  This product is legit!  Want to know why?  Take a look at the these 6 Facts We Found Doing Our Honeybutter Review.  

6 Key Ingredients In Honeybutter!

#1 Organic Manuka Honey

This New Zeland sourced Organic Manuka Honey has 6 Healing Benefits!

  1. Anti-Inflammatory
  2. Anti-Bacterial
  3. Promotes Faster Healing
  4. Promotes Collagen Growth
  5. Potent In Vitamins + Minerals
  6. Balances Skin pH
#2 Beeswax

Protects and repairs dry or chapped skin by locking in moisture and helps soothe irritation.

#3 Tea Tree Oil

Relieves itching and limits allergic reactions. Reduces inflammation, heals wounds.

#4 Vitamin A + E

Helps create new skin and repair dry, itchy and inflamed skin so you heal faster. Strong protectant against UV rays

#5 Sweet Almond Oil

Calms the itching and redness. Fatty Acids to restore and nourish skin.

#6 Coconut Oil

Reduces inflammation and protects through its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Boosts hydration, calms the itch, and improves skin elasticity.

The Botani-Clinical Science In Our Honeybutter Review

We have been saying “botani-clinical” for months now!  How botanicals can offer clinical level results.  Well, we want to explain to you how these 6 incredible ingredients can help hydrate and repair the skin.

Honeybutter draws water molecules to the top layer of your skin and hydrates and repairs the dry areas quickly. It’s rich in rare healing properties known for eliminating bacteria, yeast and fungi. All of the botani-clinical ingredients work quickly and effectively to reduce inflammation, hydrate dry skin, calm and soothe irritation all while protecting against bacteria.  

You’ll fall in love with its impact on dry skin, psoriasis and eczema. It will speed up the creation of new healthy skin and prevent future irritation!

Honeybutter review

Jenni Weighs In With Her Honeybutter Review

Blossom Essentials Honeybutter provides an IMMEDIATE soothing relief to itchy spots.  You can feel the cooling effect from the tea tree and an immediate relief.  I’ve been using it on a dry patch on the base of my hairline and it provides all day relief from something that is a consistent distraction.  I have had to apply daily, but I am happy to as the flare ups are only every few weeks.  Over time, I’ll be able to tell if they get further and further apart.

My son, Jack, loves it! He loves the smell of it and happily lets me apply it.  While he does not have any eczema flare ups during the summer, I still apply it to him after the beach and the pool, because his skin gets dried out.

BUG BITES! Have we talked about this yet?! I recently went to the mountains, and was eaten alive by mosquitos one evening.  I get the kind of bites that swell up and spread, almost to a dime size.  I applied the honeybutter to these spots and the itching was immediately relieved.

Jenni Nagle

Lipgloss + Aftershave

honeybutter lipgloss and aftershave

An Amazing All Over Body Butter

You can fall in love with honeybutter even if you don’t “need” it!  Just because this product is great to help calm skin and stop itching – doesn’t mean that’s all you can use it for!  I have been using it regularly for my hands and arms! I’ll also use a little on my lips too!   I’ve been avoiding getting pedicures – so my feet have been in need of attention, so I did a salt scrub on them last week and then used honeybutter on my heels! 

Bottom line – use it everyday to feel amazing!  Trust it every day to get the job done! 

Honeybutter review

Become A Blossom Essentials Honeybutter Retailer

If you want to use Blossom Essentials Honeybutter in your business and offer it to your clients, you can become an authorized Blossom Essentials Honeybutter Retailer! 


honeybutter review

Thanks to Blossom Essentials for sponsoring this blog article.  

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