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The 2020 L+A Holiday Glam Glow Guide – 6 Tips To Glow From Head To Toe

Holiday Glam Glow Guide – 5 Tips To Glow From Head To Toe

Holiday Glam Glow Guide by Holly Tanella

Full holiday glam can make the smaller 2020 holiday gatherings more fun! Yes, the holidays may look a lot different this year but just because you’re staying at home or rocking a mask doesn’t mean you should skip out on the opportunity for to-go full Holiday glam!

Follow this guide of festive treatments that will make your skin glow and your brows & lashes shine this holiday season.

1 Lashes Are Key To Holiday Glam

Full Holiday Glam: Lash extensions is a quick way to make your eyes stand out! Already have extensions? Go for a bolder lash opposed to a natural look. For an extra wow factor you can add colored lashes of red, green and sparkle to pair with a festive mask!

Keep it natural: If you are more low maintenance, a great alternative to lash extension is a lash lift + tint. This treatment curls your lashes as well as helps them to grow longer and stronger for your next outing!

Want to skip the spa? Try a lash growth serum, there are so many brands of lash growth serums on the market right now.

2 Boost your Brows for Holiday Glam

Big Brows are in, but with so many options out there it’s hard to choose! Check out these methods below and find out what brow method is best for you!

Brow lamination: Best for naturally full brows, this service keeps them perfectly in place.

Henna Brows: Best for medium to light brows to appear darker and fuller without the commitment.

Microblading:  For light or absent brows, microblading semi-permanent tattoos create the appearance of a full, thick brown.

At Home Treatments: Not ready to jump to microblading

3 Lucious Lips Complete A Holiday Glam Glow Look

Obvi not when you’re wearing a mask, but legit, at home with close family, you can still rock a cute lip so you look adorbs in your holiday pics for social media. You’ll want to look for lip sticks that are moisturizing and nourishing – trust me – they’re out there!

If lipstick isn’t your thing, there are so many amazing lipglosses out there!  Find a lipgloss that has nourishing ingredients, some even come with a lip plumper.


4 Holiday Glam & Glow Body Guide

Best At-Home Body Treatment
Dry brushing is a great way to boost the immune system, drain your lymphatic system, improve cellulite and remove dead skin. Moisturize with coconut oil and essential oils for an all over glow.   In the morning, use a citrus blend for energizing mood boost and lavender at night to improve sleep!

Best Spa Body Treatments 
Do a body scrub for a whole body glow. Body scrubs are a great body treatment, they remove dead skin, and build-up.  Many are made with oils so they hydrate the skin. The scrubs leave the skin soft, smooth and silky – perfect for just before a self-tanner application.

5 Best Treatments for Holiday Glam Skin this Holiday

The secret to perfect holiday makeup is to have a good foundation of healthy skin.

When a client comes to me for big events, my go-to treatment plan is dermaplaning with hyderodermabrasion.  Infuse a hyaluronic acid, peptide rich serum for the ultimate holiday glam glow.

Microcurrent is also another treatment that can add firmness, lift and luminosity to the skin. This is a great red carpet treatment. 

You can also add a freshening, mild chemical peel.  So many brands offer peels that are ideal to boost brightness and offer immediate results that are ideal for red carpet ready skin. 

6 Suggest an Easy At-Home Holiday Glam Express Facial To Clients

Cleanse with use a nutrient rich, pH-balanced cleanser that will deep clean without stripping.

Exfoliate  with a mild physical scrub to remove excess debris.

Plump with a hyaluronic acid serum.

Hydrate with a deliciously rich moisturizer.

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Guest Blogger – Holly Tanella

BOHO Alternative Med Spa founder Holly Tanella is passionate about skin. Having graduated valedictorian in her final year at Ogle School in Texas, she began her career as a makeup artist where she fell in love with the idea of addressing imperfections people attempted to hide with makeup. Determined to help others solve their skincare challenges, Holly opened Top Spa (now BOHO) in 2014. As a licensed medical esthetician and self-professed “skin geek” with over ten years of skin experience, Holly greatly enjoys her working with her clients — especially those dealing with ‘problem’ areas like blemishes, acne scarring, rosacea and signs of age.

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