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3 Hangover Skin Care Cure Tips

The Perfect Hangover Skin Care Cure

Hangovers Happen

Ok, so I like a glass of wine or 3 on occassion.  Don’t judge.  Sometimes, when I’m out with my girlfriends, the conversation is so good that it almost demands another glass of wine.  We’ve all been there. I know you have!  I won’t judge.  But sometimes, the conversation is so so so good, that the glasses of wine add up – and what they add up to is a bit of a hangover.  :-/

Hydrate Baby

The first thing you want to do, is just lean into the hangover.  They’re no fun, we all know this!  Accept that it’s going to suck and just start hydrating!  Get some water into your body as quickly as possible.  It is always the most amazing feeling in the world, when you get that first sip of water!

Hangover Skin Care Cure:  3 Tips From An Esthetician + Beauty Blogger

Back to the 3 Tips To the Perfect Hangover Skin Care Cure!  I’ve been an esthetician for about 20 years and I’ve had hangovers for about the same number of years, so I’ve a little bit of experience in making sure that my skin looks great even after an extra glass of wine or two.  These are tried and true results!  

Tip #1 Chill Out

First thing that you’re going to want to do is to chill the products you’re gong to use!  I promise.  Nothing is going to feel better on your skin than products that are ice cold.  The dehydration of a hangover can cause a headache and the cold temperature of the products really feels delicious.

So Ice – Ice Baby!

Tip #2 Detox! 

Nothing will detox your skin like charcoal!  It will pull all of the impurities out of your skin!  Your skin cells are incredibly dehydrated and therefore can not function properly so, they can’t eliminate waste like they normally do.  You need to give them a little detox help and that comes from the charcoal!

I love the Hydrating Charcoal Mask from GINAMARIE Skincare.  It plays double duty as a hangover skin care cure because the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and avocado oil are hydrating and charcoal is detoxifying!

It’s a smooth and creamy mask that feels amazing. If you chill it and then apply the mask it will definetly give you a hangover skin care cure that will feel like a million dollars!  

Tip #3  Hydrate! 

My 3rd tip for the perfect hangover skin care cure is to hydrate.  Yes, you’ll drink water, but that won’t hydrate your skin.  Your body is designed to proiortize your vital organs first, so your skin will be the last to get any of that yummy water you drank.  You need to take some serious action on your skin!  I love the Hyaluronic Acid – Intensified Hydration from GINAMARIE Skincare.  A lightweight gel that replenishes moisture, revitalizes the outer layers of skin, and instantly improves the appearance of fine lines.

If you chill this and apply it after you rinse off the Hydrating Charcoal Mask, you will get a 2nd dose of cold comfort as you hydrate and plump up that dehydrated skin!

Perfect Pick Me Up

These 3 tips for the perfect hangover skin care cure will make you feel yummy!  When you wake up, put your product in the fridge to chill.  You can curl up with some Netflix while you mask and then rinse the mask off with cool water to help refresh yourself. After you dry your skin apply the Hyaluronic Acid – Intensified Hydration.  The burst of cool will refresh!  Your skin will plump up and come back to life!

Not Just A Hangover Skin Care Cure

Yes, I love these two products for a perfect hangover skin care cure!  They are the perfect heavy hitters to detox and hydrate skin and help bring it back to life.  You can also count on these two brand new prdoucts from GINAMARIE Skincare to give your skin the detox and hydration that it needs on a regular basis.

As we approach the colder winter months, especially as we approach the holidays, you will need a product that is going to detox clients’ skin while providing hydration to overcome the cold and dry winter weather.  The Hydrating Chacoal Mask and Hyaluronic Acid – Intense Hydration will give your clients’ fresh, beautiful glowing skin!

GINAMARIE products were developed over 40 years ago with the intention of making a difference in the lives their clients. This is accomplished through personalized skincare products and professional treatments.

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