Guest Blogger Program Outline

We can’t thank you enough for agreeing to become part of the Lipgloss + Aftershave Guest Blogger community!  We are so proud to be able to offer our readers Advice From Our Experts  articles that are written by men and women that we trust and respect.

Every year we create an editorial calendar that is full of topics that we think are important, interesting and fun to talk about.  The Advice From Our Experts column sets the tone for our entire month’s focus.  It lays a road map for that month’s 4 Part Of The Pack POP! articles.  It also helps us create conversation on social media and on our podcast SKIN.BODY.SOUL.  If you’ve not been a featured guest on SKIN.BODY.SOUL, please make sure you email us to set up a time to chat.

Here’s what we need from you.

We need a headshot and bio from you by Dec 1st, so we can publish our 2020 Guest Bloggers before Jan 1, 2020

We look for a 500-800 word article that we can use on the site.

You will be assigned a topic and a focus for that topic.  We will use SEO keywords to create the focus so we can be sure that your article is found by search engines.

We ask for a basic outline from you 30 days prior to your publication date.  We will then work with you to finalize that outline.

We ask for a completed 500-800 word article 15 days prior to your publication date, so that we have time to edit and lay it out into the blog article.

Ideally, if you have images that you have copyrights to, we’d love to use those in the article.  Not required.

We Want To Build A Community

It’s so important to build a community in the digital age.  We grow stronger together.  Collaboration is the new competition.  In order to grow we look to work with other like minded professionals.  We want to introduce you to our community and we ask that you introduce us to your community.

We will create a Header for your article with your headshot, name and article title.  That header will be on your article’s page.

We will share the header image in our email campaign.

We will share the header image with the article on Facebook.

We will share your headshot on Instagram to promote the article.

We will tag you on all social media platforms.

We ask that you share the article on your Facebook and Instagram (stories are acceptable) 2 times in the month of its publication.  We ask that you tag Lipgloss + Aftershave.  First post should be in the beginning of the month.  After you make the 2nd share, you can submit your screen shots of the 1st and 2nd shares with your invoice for $250.

We look forward to an amazing 2020 and are so excited to be working with you!  Again, thank you so much for being part of our Guest Blogging Community!

xo xo 

Barry + Jenni

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