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10 Skin Care Products – Perfect Holiday Gifts That Won’t Offend

Gift Giving Etiquette. 10 Skin Care Products That Won’t Offend

Gift giving etiquette with skin care is important. Let’s face it, “You look tired.” Isn’t a great thing to hear. You may not have slept great the night before, but it’s still a polite way of saying you look like shit.  LOL

It’s that same sentiment that can make some skin care products a little rough to receive.  No one wants to open an Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream – THAT THEY DIDN’T ASK FOR!  I’ll say that again – if you know that they use it – then knock yourself out.

Best Skin Care Gift Giving Etiquette: Make It about Skin Health

One of the hottest topics on the skin care market is “Skin Health”!  There are so many products that offer antioxidants to help combat pollution and free radicals in the skin that you can look to as skin care gifts.  Offer a product that will help your family member or friend to fight pollution and improve their skin health! Then you’re a hero!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Need some suggestions for holiday fits that are great for gift giving etiquette?  Check out some of the beautiful gift items in our L+A 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

Candles from Immunocologie

Jewelry From Be The Good

Men’s Shower + Shave Kit by Finipil

spa holiday gift

Gift Giving Etiquette. 10 Skin Care Products That Won’t Offend

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10 Tips for Skin Care Gift Giving Etiquette

1,  It’s the 3-0-ETHYL ASCORBIC ACID (L), a gentle form of Vitamin C for me in the Rare C Serum by Hale & Hush

2.  It’s the Combo of Vitamin C + Calcium for me in the Vitamin C + Calcium Complex by BiON

3.  It’s the organic form of Vitamin C for me in the Citrus Super C Serum by Dawn Lorraine 

4.  It’s the totally unique C for me in the C-difference Serum by dmSkincare

5.  It’s the proprietary delivery system for me in the Super C Serum by Sesha

6.  It’s the mixture of C and organic moisturizers for me in Ultra C Moisture Complex by KM Herbals

7.  It’s the 4 different types of Vitamin C for me in the Direct Delivery Vitamin C by DMK

8.  It’s the unique antioxidants for me in Photozyme MD’s Ultra Rich Cream – MedSpa Distributors

9. It’s the rare Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil with super antioxidant powers for me in the Night Protection – Immunocologie

10.  It’s the Seabuckthorn for me in the Rooted Queen Pre-Cleansing Oil – Queen City Beauty Group


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