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4 Types Of Exfoliation For Hyperpigmentation + Dark Spots

Manual Exfoliation For Hyperpigmentation – Face + Body


Why Manual Exofoliation For Hyperpigmentation?

See, the skin that you see is dead.  I know it’s sad and a little unsetteling.  Yes, your skin is the largest living organ on the body, but the part of the skin that you can see and touch is actually dead.  Don’t be sad, those dead cells get replaced on a regular basis.  Even though, as we age, the rate at which the skin cells are replaced slows down.  Yeah, bummer right?  Everything slows down as we age.  Our metabolism, our hyaluronic acid production, and our stem cell production, which is the root cause for the slow down of the cell turn over (dead skin cells getting replaced).

Hyperpigmentation + Aging:  Adding Insult To Injury

So we’re left with a lot more dead skin on our face and body.  Now here’s where the insult is added to the injury!  Not only are you getting older – and everyting is slowing down – but we’re hit with a double whammie!  You see there’s this nasty business of hyperpigmentation, a maority of which, comes from environmental damage (sun, pollution, and some other yuck too).  This environmental damage is hitting your skin from day one of life.  It’s hitting it deep down inside.  The damage (the damage is hyperpigmentation) is builidng up and building up deep inside of your skin and it’s just waiting for the chance to work its way up to the surface.   So as we get older – after years of skin cell turnover, those dark spots get to the surface – and they set up camp – BAM – that’s it right there!  The dark spots you see on our face and body!

Honestly:  it’s like a shitty version of a retirement plan. 

Although, you can also get post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which can happen after a trauma to the skin.  My peeps who are #melaninkissed (thank you TenishaNicole Hicks from Isha Esthetics for that amazing hashtag) know about this all too well.  Get a pimple, get a cut, get an ingrown, —- you get a dark spot!

Don’t give up!  All hope is not lost!  You can fight back – that’s where manual exofoliation for hyperpigmentation comes in!  All those dead skin cells on your skin’s surface that you can see and touch – you can scrub them away!  Those dark spots that have made their way to the skin’s surface can be scrubbed away, revealing new skin cells, that may not be as dark.

This Week’s POP!

4 Types Of Manual Exfoliation For Hyperpigmentation

#1 Microdermabrasion – dmGlow

This is the powerhouse of scrubs!  We love dmGlow! Aluminum oxide crystals are swept across the skin in combonation with a vacuum massage to provide deep manual exfoliation for hyperpigmentation.  Dead skin cells are scrubbed away from the skin’s surface, to bring new skin cells to the surface for more even skin tone.

Also, honorable mention to Jenni’s manicure in this pic – that polish is poppin’!

#2 Warming Ginger Body Polish – KM Herbals

Babe, don’t think you only get dark spots on your face!  When I lay out in the sun, that’s not a bed sheet I’m wearing!  It’s a speedo!  Trust, your boy is showing some skin! There’s ample opportunity for dark spots on the body.  Also, who among us hasn’t shaved “downstairs” and gotten a few ingrowns that have left an ugly dark spot!  This is manual exfoliation for hyperpigmentation of your whold body!

This all over body scrub uses natural pumice in a cream base to create a gentle but effective formula that is great for exfoliation for hyperpigmentation.

#3 Organic Fruit Acid Cleansing Scrub – Dawn Lorraine Skincare 

This fruit acid cleansing scrub is ORGANICVEGAN, GLUTEN FREE , DAIRY FREE , SOY FREE & NUT OIL FREE.  Made from 100% Sustainable Bamboo, Active Fruit Enzymes and Helichrysum! No need to load up on chemicals and impurities to get rid of those dark spots!  This organic form of exfoliation for hyperpigmentation is LEGIT delicious.

#4 Microdermabrasion Holistic Cream w/ Organic Hempseed Oil – Nature Pure

Triple Threat!  The Microdermabrasion Holistic Cream has 3 types of manual exfoliation for hyperpigmentation – the green exfoliator blend of Ecoscrub, Jojoba Beads, and Pumice Powder. It gently, yet effectively buffs away surface dead skin cells and impurities to reveal silky smooth skin.


4 Methods Of Exfoliation For Hyperpigmentation

We did all the leg work!  We’ve just given you 4 amaznig ways to scrub away dead skin.  These 4 methods of exfoliation for hyperpigmenation are ideal for use in-treatment as well as home care.  Suggest that your clients use the home care products on a regular basis.  Be sure they understand that regular exfoliation is ideal for good skin health!  But I beg you – make sure you caution them against over exfoliating!  That can damage the skin and cause more harm than good!
Thanks to Nature Pure, Dawn Lorraine Skincare, dmGlow and KM Herbals  for sponsoring this article.  

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