New Treatment Offers Dual Exfoliation For Hyperpigmentation

dmGlow Offers Dual Exfoliation For Hyperpigmentation

Looking for a treatment offering exfoliation for hyperpigmentation?  Then look at dmGlow!  This treatment was launched in 2019, to be a universal treatment for all skin types and a go-to solution for hyperpigmentation.

dmGlow is a 3 part treatment that offers holistic facial cupping, mechanical and chemical exfoliation that is followed by infusion.  The products used during the infusion phase are stem-cell, antioxidant and botanically rich cosmeceuticals that promote brighter, firmer skin.  dmGlow also recommends home care products that will continue the brightening and firming effects on the skin.

What Is Hyperpigmenation?

Before we get into how to treat hyperpigmenation, let’s discuss what hyperpigmenation is and talk about the two major types.  Our Guest Blogger Katrinia Yokoyama wrote in our October Advice From Our Experts column the following:

Environmental Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by sun damage, inflammation, or other skin injuries along with excess production of melanin. Melanin is produced by melanocytes at the lower layer of the epidermis and is responsible for producing color in the body in places such as the eyes, skin, and hair. As the body ages, melanocyte distribution becomes less diffuse and its regulation less controlled by the body. UV light stimulates melanocyte activity, and where the concentration of the cells is greater, hyperpigmentation occurs.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Another form of hyperpigmentation is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These are dark and discolored spots that appear on the skin following acne (trauma) that has healed. 

Katrina Yokoyama

4 Expert Tips For Treating Hyperpigmentation

Katrina wrote an article offering tips for treating hyperpigmentation.  She offered 4 specific tips on her go-to formula for treating her clients with hyperpigmenation.  We trust Katrina’s suggestions because she’s won The Skin Games Hyperpigmentation Category, has treated her own hyperpigmenation and has successfully treated hundreds of clients in her California based skincare practice.

Here are Katrina’s 4 Tips

1. Physical SPFs That Contain Antioxidants

2. Vitamin C Product For Home Care

3. Tyrosinase Inhibitors Products For Home Care

4. Chemical Peels


Why We Love dmGlow To Treat Hyperpigmentation

dmGlow is an ideal option to treat hyperpigmentation because it offers the provider the ability to employ all 4 of Katrina’s tips!  This single treatment comes complete with everything you need to begin offering exfoliation for hyperpigmentation!  You can also offer the dmSkincare products which will give your clients the antioxidant rich SPF, Vitamin C and a Tyrosinase Inhibitor for home care.

More Than Just Chemical Exfoliation For Hyperpigmentation

dmGlow also provides mechanical exfoliation in addition to chemical exfoliation for hyperpigmentation.  This additional layer of exfoliation will work to remove damaged skin cells on the surface, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.  The mechanical exfoliation, microdermabrasion, strips away the excess dead skin cells to allow the impact of the Mandelic Acid peel to have a greater impact on the skin.

Physical SPF With Antioxidants

daily eclipse ® – oil free sunscreen with SPF 30

Formulated with L-Ascorbic Acid, micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for broad spectrum filtering (UVA and UVB). Lingostem™, an ingredient which comes from lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) stem cells, provides another level of protection from Infrared Radiation.

Vitamin C Product For Home Care


C-difference™ – vitamin C lotion is a unique, oil-free moisturizer which offers vascular redness and anti-aging support for even the most sensitive skin. Sodium hyaluronate provides superior moisture in this formula through its ability to penetrate deeply, deliver water and improve nutrient absorption

Tyrosinase Inhibitors Products For Home Care

clari-tone serum™

This serum contains pigment lightening agents to block the overproduction of pigment where it is formed in the basal layer of the skin. Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, kojic acid, arbutin and peony extract are a powerful combination of clinically tested ingredients that inhibit tyrosinase activity. Antioxidant vitamin C gives added protection from environmental damage.

Chemical Peels

mandelic combo peel 30%

Medium strength 30% acid combination for use in peel protocols for the treatment of hyperpigmentation.  Mandelic acid, another AHA which is derived from bitter almonds, has a larger molecule size which is more slowly absorbed for more even application making it a good choice for darker skin types.

Treat Every Client With Exfoliation For Hyperpigmentation

dmGlow™ is going to change the way you think about exfoliation for hyperpigmentation. 

This 3-Step Professional Only treatment, is designed for everyone, regardless of skin tone or age!  It will encourage the internal energy inside every client to be the catalyst that brings about profound change in their skin. It combines ancient, holistic modalities, modern technology, scientific medical skincare and pure botanical products.  

Everything You Need To Begin Offering Treatments

It’s a turn key treatment for any skincare business. Just get dmGlow™ and you receive everything you need to go to business on one kit. Don’t struggle with the name of a treatment for your menu.  Don’t stress how to incorporate retail product recommendations into your treatment. 

One order –  one kit! 

MegaPeel EX to peform the mechanical exfolation.   

Glow Box full of back bar products. 

Dermamed Solutions Also Provides:

Consultation on top selling retail products to offer your clients.

Professional training.

Full digital marketing support materials.

On going support and customer service! 


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