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Do’s and Don’ts For Creating Healthy Habits

Do’s and Don’ts For Creating Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits sounds boring, right?

At least that’s what I thought when I was in my early 20’s.  Let’s just say college was filled with a lot of bad habits.  I was never one to sit at home and focus on self care and wellness.  It was more like I was on a collission course with unhealthy!  If you’re in a place where you want to flip a few bad habits to healthy habits, or just want to add a few more healthy habits to your wellness routine, then you’re in luck!

No matter what’s prompting your desire to start creating healthy habits in your life, your health and wellness will thank you!  Changes in your behaviour that add to your health will improve your quality of life.  New healthy habits will give you a new perspecive.  Change can be hard so you’ll need a little help.

Do's and Don'ts For Creating Healthy Habits

Don’t expect change to happen overnight, it can take upto 21 days to adopt a new habit.

Don’t try create too many healthy habits at once.

Do Make a list of habits you’d like to create.

Do Make a list of habits you’d like to let go of and replace with healthy habits.

Do Take  The “I Choose Wellness” Pledge!

Take The “I Choose Wellness” Pledge

Join National Wellness Month and learn to fall in love with self-care and yourself in the process of creating new healthy habits.

When you take the “I Choose Wellness Pledge” you will receive FREE daily prompts and discover up to 50% off local healthy food, fitness and spa experiences.

There’s even an online directory where you can discover new experiences treatments and wellness products.

A daily reminder for self-care, wtih a list of experiences, treatments and products to help you take better care of you – is a win win for your SKIN. BODY. SOUL!  

Do’s and Don’ts For Creating Health Habits Made Easy

I Choose Wellness

“I choose wellness because I understand that regular self-care is vital to overall wellness.  The key to being well rested, balanced, properly nourished, physically fit and emotionally and spiritually centered come from regular wellness activities.  I love to eat healthy, rest well, workout, take care of my skin, get regular bodywork and take time to epxand my spiritual self.”

Barry Eichner


If you want to expand your knowledge of healthy habits that many leading wellness professionals have, you can listen to our weekly podcast called SKIN. BODY. SOUL.

Here’s a link to a directory of recent podcasts that you can listen to for inspiration as you take your “I Choose Wellness” pledge.

Let SKIN. BODY. SOUL. be a weekly reminder for you of the do’s and dont’s for creating healthy habits.  Our podcast guests share real life stories of their favorite wellness habits.   

Live is better when you Live Well.  

Want To Offer Wellness Services for National Wellness Month?

If you own a wellness based business and want to join in all the wellness fun in August, we’ve got great news!  You can get more information on how you can become part of this national movement to improve the self-care!  Check out the opportunities for businesses here.  

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